Poop & Piss Driving Experiences

Pooping while driving or driving wearing shit-filled pants/jeans/etc. is one thing, but what about going beyond that? Has anyone ever thought about the issue of shit-smeared car seats, or the idea of smearing poop on the pedals? I might try that one day, I mean there have to be many more undiscovered ideas relating to, well, poop-in-motion…

Just thought I’d see how driving and pooping go together (maybe pissing as well) – anyone have any neat or unusual experiences in that area?

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  1. I’ve shat myself when driving a couple of times. Overly wet farts that were way too sticky to be just gas. Leaves the back of your jeans with a wet skid!

    I’ve also battled gas, cramps n the squits when driving. Then pulled onto the driveway at home & exploded in my pants!

  2. It’s not a problem, if you have a towel and put a plastic bag under the towel.
    Normally I do it not spontaneously. I prepare all things, have a few clothes to change in the trunk, a wet towel to clean the accidents inside car and so on.

    If you prepare it, it makes much more fun. And yes… it’s amazing to drive a car with a big load inside the pants and sitting in it and squish all around.

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