poop origins

Never been much of a contributor of story’s or forum topics but i do enjoy reading them and one topic in the forums caught my eye recently about how you satisfied your fetish before the internet and i really wanted to contribute to the topic but i feel like i have so many short story’s that i would rather put it all in the story section over the forum section and for some reason sitting in my diaper waiting to get desperate inspires me to write these
anyways to the fun part =)

as far back as i can remember i always had a interest in pooping and looking at my poop the first memory i have of first discovering my fetish was i would try to eat ice cream sandwiches in the bathroom while pooping thinking that since i was eatting something that i would poop more (yes i was quite young if you didn’t catch on)

years later i started i would lay toilet paper on the ground and grab and small mirror and try to watch as my poop would come out of my butt hole i did this many times for some reason and would even pee on the paper towel like i was marking my own little bathroom spot that wasn’t the potty,

in addition to pooping on the bathroom floor i moved my pooping games to the outdoors soon after that
there were plenty of bushes and pine trees around my house growing up so perfect places for someone to sneak behind and quickly enjoy a exciting poop
there was one bush in general that was my favorite spot ironically it was right under my bedroom window and right next to the front door xD there was one time even where we got home from a trip and i was so desperate to poop that i was turtle heading and didn’t think i would make it to the bathroom so i some how snuck into my safe bush and did my business in the bush and no one was the wiser and i never got caught or even questioned why there were a some points 4 or 5 piles of poo poo in the bushes next to the front door

onto the next chapter of my poop/pee fetish origins
moving into my teens i found out the trick where u push your poop like your gonna poop but u clench your butt before it can get out and the pressure builds and such and u can do it over and over and over making your more n more desperate to poop making the release soooo much more intense which slowly lead me into pants wetting and pants pooping all the fun stuff

i started out with a insane interest in wetting before my poop fetish got the best of me again
i think the first time i peed in my pants was walking home on a really cold snowy day and i may have made a little wet spot in my pants before getting home but i know when i finally got home i went straight to the shower took off my snow pants and pushed as hard as i could and completely soaked my pants in a blissful happiness of finally getting to release my pee
later this moved into wearing as many pairs of pants and boxers and seeing how many layers i could soak with pee pee my only problem with this was that i would constantly get hard after putting on all the layers of pants so it would sometimes take forever to pee so i kinda started giving up on that whole fetish since my dick likes to have a mind of its own lol still have the problem when trying to put on diapers
i also loved watching females pee there pants and still have a insane love for female wetting

anyways finally getting to the end my poop origins
finally found my love for poop again in college when id hold my poop for 3-5 days and have huge loads and of coarse having a poop fetish i didnt wanna waste these amazing amounts of poop in the toilet (even tho i did a lot but still had my fill of pants pooping)
first started pooping my pants by lining my boxers with toilet paper like im sure a lot of us did and then i moved into making my own diapers! in a way so i once found a package of pads for using for bed wetting or for putting in a chair im not sure how they were used but they were big enough that if your cut leg holes in them and took a shoe lace and made like a belt type thing u could almost make like a make shift diaper specially if u added a ton of toilet paper to it obviously its not as great as a actual diaper but i does the trick if u wanna play some quick poo poo or pee games
after that got boring i would go out and buy packages of cheap briefs to poop in since i don,t normally wear underwear on most days and briefs catch poop so much better then boxers

ultimately i found diapers again (bambino and then ultimately ABU.com) n am now an off and on DL not so much into pants pooping anymore enjoy just being able to throw my mess away
hope you enjoyed these short storys i have more if anyone is interested but this seemed like a good start

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  1. if your little dicky-do is getting the way you could always lock it up in a chaste cage. love mine. looking to get a smaller one soon.

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