Poop my pants on my way home from the university

Today I have finished my lessons at 10AM, and I’ve feel already bad from my bowel. Before I stared my trip to go to university, I didn’t eat so by the time I was hungry. So I went to a coffee to eat something. Then I feel really bad, so I decided to get back home in my car, but I live at 40 minutes from there. As I started driving I’ve immediately to stop and I’ve fully pooped my pants while I was sitting on the driver sit. So I continue my trip and at mid time I feel bad again, so I stopped the car in a commercial area then get out. Again, once I was up I’ve crapped my pants with a huge soft poop and I mind why not enjoy, so I went into the commercial center crossing all that people with my huge poop ( who was slowly falling down my legs ). I felt that once again I have to poop, I get my way to the restroom get to the urinal and forced as much as I can to evacuate the rest of my poop, then because I was alone there I’ve put back my pants and my under pants to see the damage. After that I get out of the commercial center and I remind that I was still hungry so I decided to go to the local KFC with my poop. There were only a kilometers to go there but as I walk as the poop escape from my pants, it was funny. Then I get in KCF, went to the desk and pass my bill as if there was nothing special about me. After that I took a table, eat my spicy chicken that always make me poop and get out. As I get out again the poop escape of both my pants and my butt, I went back to my car before going in, I’ve pissed et pooped my self once more, then doing my way home

🙂 Envoy 🙂

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