Poop holding/desperation

Hey! Somewhat new here as I’ve been a lurker for awhile off and on, finally got around to making an account. I’d love to chat with others who love either others holding their poop in, or themselves holding it in. Personally it’s one of the biggest things for me and I’ve been wanting to meet more others with similar interests to me. Pushing to hold longer than last time, and to take a dump bigger than last time too.

Ties also into constipation, I love that too.

Included a photo in this post of one of my past holds, it’s not my largest, though still, I want to push to make things bigger than that.~

Kik, Discord, and Telegram are all chat platforms I use, though I’m willing to use other things too if needed, just toss me a message with the platform and your username and I’ll be sure to add you there.

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