I have this fantasy to load my pants with poop in front of a pretty girl. I dream about it all the time and wish it could come true. It’s how they dress and put make up on and jewlery like on their wrists and how it fits their face and it’s just a weird fetish I have about not only loading my pants with soft solid #2 long ones and doing more than two of them at a time creating a real heavy load in my pants but also fantasizing how it would feel to be treated like a little one and get my pants changed after it happens. Eeew yeah, a petty mommy girl has to change my poopy pants. Doing the pooping is easy but getting a girl to change me is nearly impossible as most run away from nasty smells. Sometimes that is cool too at least they noticed it. I got attention. Like in a store maybe she works there and I see her she has a pretty face, her hands are soft, she has jewelry on and its like dangling on her wrists and I have to do a poop. So I stand where I can see her but not close at first and begin to grunt and play the push it out push it in until it just can’t be held anymore and I release the long one into my pants. PLOP! it is in my pants and now I want to get a little closer so maybe she will smell it. She starts to smell it but sees I am making a grimace face because I am doing another grunt and forcing another long one into my pants. I’M DOING A LOAD! I want to sit in it. I squat down and then drop to my knees so I sit back on my legs and smash it and it feels so great with her in front of me and I have made it known to her I most likely shit my pants and on purpose. This little boy has done it in his pants and needs changed. I stand up and start to walk around the store making perfect strangers smell me and stare and some making comments that I shit myself. Them not knowing that I fetish to be a little boy needing a pants change so them smelling it doesn’t faze me because I have “zoned out” into my own little world and no longer remember that I am a grown up. I don’t want to changed right away…I want to keep it in my pants for awhile. It feels good having all that heavy long shit all mashed together in there. It’s a mess! Pretty hard to hide any of it from anybody at this point. There’s the smell, the stains, and like bumps from all the mess pushing against my pants creating creases and folds and bulges or bumps or when I was little we called it boolmpies.

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  1. If you took a good laxative and went shopping then you could really have a nice planned accident like you dream about.If you shit your pants like that and it is almost diarrhea then you can as for help from a pretty girl and it will be accepted that it was an accident as it is so soft.A firm poop will not be seen as an accident as you had to push to get it out.If you plan ahead well you can get away with lots of naughty things.

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