It feels so good to do that. This morning I woke up and felt a little something in my lower stomach. So as an hour past I really started to feel it. I put on white underpants and headed for the kitchen. I like to stand up and release my bowels right into my pants. The longie warmth of a long soft big one dropping down weighting my pants down and then it snaps off and goes PLOP. The turd falls to the side and just hangs there weighting my pants down. Its a long snake and then I feel another urge. WOW! I am really going to load my pants if I do another one. I start to push on it and here it comes… I feel it coming out and I know it is the same size as the first one. I feel the long one push into the first poop and it makes this one bunch up against my butt cheeks. The weight is awesome and then all of a sudden it also goes PLOP. But this one slides down my right hip until it lands on top of the first log. EEEW YEAH, I did it…I did it! I did it alright I filled my pants with shit. On purpose! I head to my office chair that is padded and sit down in it and smash the mess all over me. my behind is covered in shit…up my crack too. I rise up to feel the weight and the mess drops downward immediately. YAY!, it feels awesome but now I have to pee. So to complete my fun I put on grey sweats and head to the shower. Once I’m in there I get real still and concentrate on wetting my pants. My penis is rock hard and the tip is right at the top of the pants. I start to do splurts. A little push on the urine and eventually each splurt gets bigger until I am fully wetting my pants deliberately I can hear it dribbling in the shower and I feel the warmth and now my shit is really hanging down. Time to masturbate! I am a humper. I like to get prone and hump on a rug or a pillow until I have an orgasm and masturbate all over myself. So I humped and then masturbated and just lay there for a few minutes and then changed my pants.

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  1. Come on over for coffee here. Chat as we know each other need to go and then to freely wet and mess our pants as we hang out in the kitchen chatting

  2. OMG…….That was fucking AWESOME dude!!!!!!I am sitting hear in a totally piss socked and shit filled diaper and I just blew my load all over the inside of my very messy diaper!!!!!

  3. oh yes if I have pooped my pants it is a must to pee them i like sitting in a chair in my mess and peeing into it

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