Poohed his pants in secondary school

There were many times that people had accidents at school, but they were few and far between in secondary school.


Throughout primary school the nurse would clean up anybody that had an accident and put them into spare clothes. I recall one time at secondary school though when my friend poohed his pants when he was 12 and had his bum cleaned by an adult. In hindsight he was quite old to not change himself, which made me wonder what age would you normally have to change yourself??


It was a Friday night and me and 2 friends were staying overnight at our friend Chris’s house as it was his birthday. Myself and Matt were in a lesson together and met up with Chris and Jake ready for the walk to Chris’s house. Matt and I walked slightly ahead and paid very little attention to Chris and Jake behind us as we wanted to get to the house asap. We arrived, knocked on the door and were invited in by Chris’s Mum. As we took our shoes off in the hallway, Chris and Jake arrived and Chris shouted across to his Mum who was hanging our coats up ‘Mum, Jake’s had an accident at school’ – My ears pricked up and I noticed Jake in the doorway bright red with tears in his eyes. Chris’s Mum went across and said ‘aww what’s the matter Jake’ He replied ‘ Mrs Briggs wouldn’t let me go to the toilet’ Chris’s Mum turned to us and said , right ‘you boys go and play on the computer’ and she escorted Jake upstairs.


I went through with Chris and Matt to the computer, but desperately wanted to see what was happening with Jake. As we were sat down in the lounge, Chris told us that Jake had needed the toilet and asked to go twice, but wasn’t allowed. Just before the end of the lesson he had got up, but was told to sit back down and as he did he poohed his pants.


I immediately said I needed a pee and headed to the downstairs bathroom. I could hear Chris’s Mum running a bath (they didn’t have a shower) and tried to look upstairs. After a few minutes I watched Jake walk across the top of the stairs in just a pair of white undies with footballs on them. As he turned I could see a huge mess in the back of his undies, part of the pooh had also started to escape past the elaticated leg band and was very evident on his inner thigh. Chris’s Mum took him into the bathroom and removed his dirty underpants – she then closed the door so I never got to see her clean his bum.


Later, Jake came downstairs and spoke to us about it. We were very sympathetic and agreed never to tell anybody. He and Chris didn’t think that anybody at school would have noticed.


However, first thing Monday morning some people came to ask Chris about it and he told them that Jake had poohed his pants in class. Word soon spread and people were constantly asking Jake about it. At first he denied up, but eventually he told people and just said’ so what, it was the Mrs Briggs fault’ I thought he was really brave admitting to it, plus it proved to be a great idea as people stopped teasing him about it soon after.



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  1. What the heck is wrong with teachers anyway? I think they get off on seeing kids suffer and watching kids get totally embarassed about accidents. Is it a "power" thing? I think it’s really scary when it appears that teachers don’t particularly like kids!

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