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  1. Around 18 hours when I was 14 years old during a camping trip with a friend and his family. I did it on purpose as we got to the camping site with the plan to go swimming but to my horror I quickly discovered the river was infested with crocodiles. Once it was dark it was to scary to sneak off and clean up so I decided to keep wearing the same underwear and amazingly got away with it until morning. I woke up in my usual half asleep state and completely forget about what I had done in my underwear until my friends mom commented. The shirt I had worn to bed covered my underwear but not when I bend over or sat down.

  2. Over 24 hours. I regularly sleep in messy briefs/diapers. Wearing a small pair of cotton briefs is more comfortable than a diaper if you’re going to stay messy for an extended period of time and you can piss through a pair of briefs without making the mess soggy and unmanageable.

  3. a few hours, I usually do not mess though, the longest I have been in one single diaper was like 48 hours though

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