Polish security guard

This all happened a couple of years ago but has stuck with me. It could be even better if I embellished it a little but I’ll resist so I can say that it is 100% true.

I dropped someone off at Robin Hood Airport, Doncaster and thought I might as well hang around a little in the lane that runs parallel to the runway. I was near the gates to what was a rubbish dump. A car pulls up driven by a guy, late 40’s, he looked like some sort of supervisor/ boss. Then out of the passenger side came this sexy guy, early 20’s, at least 6’2″, slim but not skinny. He had a uniform on which included black trousers which tightly showed the shape of his lovely arse as he bent over holding the gate bolt up and opening the gates to the dump.

I was interested.

After 10 minutes of the boss showing him the ropes he departed leaving the  sexy guy in his old caravan. I watched as he did his duties noting down details of various trucks coming in to dump their loads.

When things quietened down a little I had a stroll over and started talking to him. Turns out he was Polish and this was his first day in this job. His English was quite limited- he’d actually brought some “Learn English” books with him to try and improve.

He had a girlfriend back in Poland. As his workplace was an old caravan I saw the opportunity to start talking about caravan toilets and small toilets in general! He understood what I was talking about. He revealed that he’d recently (probably on his long journey over from Poland) had to use a coach toilet and being tall it was a challenge. For a shit? I asked, miming a squatting position “yes” he said. My cock was stirring.

I tried to keep this small talk going but after a while he seemed a bit restless and quite keen to go back in his caravan and read his language books, so I reluctantly went back to my car.

After a short while he emerged, closed the caravan door and walked off to some more permanent buildings further in the site. He was gone a fair while, I was intrigued.

He eventually returned, I had to pop over and catch him again. He was happy to talk. I was trying to find out where he’d been. With a bit of a smile he said he’d been to the toilet. “I lev a geeeeeeev” he said. I hadn’t the foggiest what he was on about. “geeeev,…  geeeeev”  he was trying to make me understand but I was still clueless. He was a little frustrated then slightly coyly he said ” lev a biig shiit” “oh-a gift!” I said, now fully understanding.

My heart was racing but I had to try and hide my interest. So I imagine he had been picked up quite early by his boss and probably been in a rush, not having time or inclination to lay his couple of days worth log in the busy, crowded shared house he was probably staying in.

That beautiful arse I had seen stooped over as he was opening the gates actually had a big turd up it. The exertion had probably started to get it moving into his rectum.

All the time I had been talking to him he could feel his turd up his arse- I wish I had had some clues from some little farts.

He probably didn’t want to tell me he needed loo so used excuse of wanting to read his books to get rid of me.

He’d gone off to the toilet.. it had probably taken a bit bit of straining to get it out- as he was gone quite a while. The log he finally managed to push out of his tight, virgin, straight hole was so big and solid it wouldn’t flush. He probably had a second go at flushing it but then just thought the Polish equivalent of “fuck it” and just left it, returning to me at the gates with the slight grin on his face.

I had to try and see it so I said I needed loo and asked if I could use the site ones. Predictably he couldn’t allow me, saying that there were cameras all around. Ah if only…

We couldn’t sustain conversation any longer without me revealing my great interest in his toileting. I’ve since thought I ought to have told him- worth a try, nothing to lose? Alas I just returned to my car. The situation had got me so much that no sooner had I placed my hand on my groin than I auto-ejaculated right in my trousers!

And that was a true story.

Feedback welcome. Anyone know that area?

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  1. Enticing story — lots of possibilities that unfortunately you couldn’t follow up. If it was a gift, why didn’t he let you take a look?

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