Plumber Cleans His Pipes-= Conclusion

“What the fuck?” Mike blasted, staring as the runny shit slid down his chest towards his privates. “Sorry son, get in the shower” . Mike now eager to remove Steve’s guts from his chest pushed the burly Pole aside and stepped under the stream of hot water, grabbing the soap and  rubbing his chest hard. The shit stank, it was laxative shit, runny and riddled with solid bits that smeared across his chest as he cleaned himself. Steve just laughed, “Yep that was pretty much the reaction that you’d would get on the team, some poor sucker always got it at least once a month…a wet fart full on!”  Mike rinsed the mess away and soaped again feeling Steve stand closer to him, he turned suddenly, and Steve puts his hands up in the air “Hey man I ain’t doing nothin’, just give me back the soap when your done, I gotta clean my crack again.” Mike handed the soap back and stepped out of the shower. “Shit I got cramps so bad now” he said, grimacing and holding his tight gut. “Take seat then son, let it out” Mike moved to the bowl, lowered his ass onto the seat and flexed his body sending a series of ripping farts and liquid shit into the bowl, “Now that’s gotta feel better” Steve commented, turning off the shower and stepping out . He stood inches from Mike’s face, toweling off. “Have you ever felt another man’s penis? It’s pretty cool actually” Steve said quietly moving his flaccid cock closer to Mike’s face. “Go on, you can touch it if you want. It won’t matter. Mike looked down aware of his growing erection, he pushed again and farted one last loud one, “No its okay” he said concentrating on his dump again. “It ain’t gonna bite ya. That’s another thing just a few of the guys on the team did after the showers and others had cleared out, we used to stand in a circle and hold each others dicks, eventually it evolved  into a session of masturbation, which was of course a game. We measured who shot the furthest, who shot the most, whose aim was good. There was one guy who – I’ve never seen anything like it – would moan just before letting go and when he did that you stood clear. This guy pissed out his cum in an arc like you would piss, then shot about 12 huge globs clear cross the room. Go on touch it.”

Mike raised his hand and brought it to Steve’s flaccid uncut cock wrapping his hand around it as if it were a rope. He could barely get his hand around, it was soft yet hard at the same time. It was long too, longer than Mike’s for sure. He looked at his hand on the massive rope and felt himself go crimson. Another fart blasted from his ass involuntarily, “Let it out man” Steve grumbled, “Touch my nut sack” Mike brought his hand down to the low hangers and rubbed them. They were like lemons, hard and heavy. Slowly the monster came to life, growing and growing, getting longer, harder, thicker, the head pulling out from under the thick dick skin. “Feels good man” Steve said softly, “Stand up I need the shitter” They traded places, Steve’s wide ass barely contacting the seat before he blasted out a another load with a deep grunt. “What a feeling Looks like you got a friend” Steve said pointing to Mike’s red hard-on. “You should take the pressure off of that thing it looks like it’s gonna pop” and with that Steve stood turned and spread his ass cheeks, bending over, “Do you want a real good feeling, almost better than taking a shit…slid it in me” Mike stood apprehensively feeling his need to release something. he moved closer to Steve’s shit smeared hole and pushed against it with the instincts of horny male needing to dump his seed. “Push -ah yah-it feels like taking a massive crap in reverse” Steve said as Mike pushed the length of his 7 incher into his sticky, hole. “Pretend it’s a pussy, pump it in and out, and then dump your cum in my hole” Steve stood bent over, grunting and grunting as Mike gained confidence and began to work in and out of Steve. Steve beared down hard and farted on his cock, pushing out more wet shit that lubricated the ride, Mike felt himself grow harder
and also bared down as he thrusted, farting out a river of shit down his legs unashamedly. The moment of release came fast, it built in Mike’s balls, that itch that need to shoot something out of himself, thick and massaging to the cock tunnel. “I”m cumming…ahhhhh” Mike moaned as he thurst into Steve with a deep push and felt his jism leave him. Steve moaned hard feeling the contents fill him, he farted again as did Mike, the do of them pushing out one last torrent of wet shit to intensify the orgasm. “Pull out” Steve commanded turning to Mike quickly, pulling his hard-on violently, he howled and let his head go back “Here it is man” and with that the stream of cum like a river of piss squirted out of him, one big arc of semen and then the convulsive shots, 12, 13, 14, the jism coating Mike’s chest where minutes before his shit had been. Steve farted again sending a river of Mike’s cum down his thighs. The room was now quiet. It smelled of semen, and shit and farts and Steve’s once again pungent pits. “Whoa…that was good” Steven muttered, “But now I gotta get me some pussy” They cleaned up for the last time and got on with the night.

The next week the cab smelled of man farts by Monday at noon. There were no boundaries now.  When they shat it was with doors open or right in front of each other. Friday came fast, another job in downtown. They ate a huge lunch, Steve complained of gas and needing to take a dump. Mike reached in his bag, took out a box and handed Steve the first of 6 cookies, he too ate 6. Fridays would never be he same again.

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