I’ve had to go so bad that I’ve been getting intense cramps. I didn’t want to let go yet so I lubed up my butt plug and plugged myself up. It’s made me feel so full and desperate to shit that I’m getting the hair raising, sweaty, fold you in half cramps that mean I better run for the toilet. Instead I’m just squeezing my ass cheeks together, holding everything in as much as I can. I can feel a little liquidy shit seeping out around the plug, so when my muscles stop cramping, I’ve been using them, instead, to push the plug out a little and then pull it back in. It’s very wet and squelchy and my ass and gut feel so full I may just have an accident right here.

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  1. very hot – you should definitely do more blog posts about pooping like this.

    A great tease would be you ‘telling’ us instead of ‘showing’ us in rare instances.

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