Pleasurable Humiliation

Living in a small apartment with friends on Chicago’s south side, there was a 25-year-old woman named Tiffany. Tiffany, who her friends referred to as Tif, has always lived the street life. She considers herself to be a tough girl, which is one of the reasons behind her personality that has a tendency to not hesitate to speak her mind and find herself in near fights with other people. Her overwhelming arrogance which she insists to be a high level of confidence stems from the fact she’s been a bit of a bully much of her life. Aside from her flawed personality, however, Tif had a physical appearance that even those who dislike her have to admit she’s the best eye candy in view; she flaunts a 5’2 curvy frame with nice hips, thick thighs, a beautiful heart shaped ass she often shows off in leggings or booty shorts and long beautiful hair that extends down to the lower end of her back. A look that turns the heads of many men and women alike, she can often be seen walking around the neighborhood with her friends simply killing time or looking for a party to crash.

On one late summer day, Tif and her friends were walking down a neighborhood strip, they were window shopping for cute outfits as usual and occasionally mingling with random strangers who showed interest in the group of ladies. At one point, they were walking past a dojo when Tif was mistakenly bumped into by a young 18-year-old girl who happened to be a student leaving the small martial arts studio. Tiff, as usual, had some harsh words for the younger girl while the soft-spoken 18-year-old was putting in great effort to give an apology. But Tif was not hearing any of it and threatened to beat the girl’s ass; at that point, the younger girl in a soft-spoken yet confident manner invited Tif to a sparring session in the Dojo tomorrow, Tif enthusiastically accepted the offer and exclaimed: “I can’t wait to beat your ass”. After the brief exchange of verbal conflict, Tif and her friends decided to head back home and get ready for this fight Tif and her friends just knew she was going to be victorious with little effort, but if only she knew what future events were in stored….

The next day, Tif was going through her clothes trying to decide what to wear to this fight, she wanted to wear something she knows would be comfortable and allow her enough free movement for her to fight in, but also wanted to wear something that will show off her sexy body. That’s when she decided on a fitted blue short sleeve cotton T-shirt and a pair of spandex booty shorts that allows her cheeks to hang out just a tad. After getting dressed, Tif and her friends headed down to the martial arts studio to make good on her promise.

When Tif and her friends showed up to the dojo, they were politely met by the instructor and the young girl who Tif is going to spar with. The instructor asked Tif if she needed to change before sparring, and Tif replied “this is my sparring outfit”, the instructor replied, “okay, very well then, follow me to the center of the mat”. Tif’s opponent was a young brunette with shoulder length hair, she had very soft and delicate features on her face that resembles an elegant modal. She was wearing a traditional martial arts uniform that had a red belt wrapped around it. This soft-spoken girl is an experienced Judo practitioner with other fighting backgrounds. As soon as the instructor asked both girls if they were ready, he moved from the center of the mat and prepared both girls who were on the mat facing each other to begin.

At this moment, Tif started to feel a little nervous but wasn’t about to show it. The other girl went from displaying a soft gentle appearance to taking an aggressive martial arts stance that reflects strong confidence. At that point, the instructor shouted “begin” and the two went to the center of the mat towards each other. Tif started out by throwing a haymaker punch, which was immediately blocked by the judo expert. The other girl pulled Tif towards her with a tremendous amount of strength that placed a surprised look on Tif’s face, once Tif was pulled in, the other girl turned her around with no effort and tripped Tif to the ground. Afterwards, however, she let Tif back up to give her another shot. Tif once again tries swinging on the girl but gets all her punches block. The other girl places Tif in an arm lock and gently guides her to the ground, and at that moment Tif felt an urge to use the bathroom. Off in the corner among the rest of the audience, Tif’s friends can be heard laughing at Tif being manhandled, with Tif lying on the ground on her stomach, the other girl holds Tif’s head up towards a wall mirror, in which a visible look of struggle is seen on Tif’s face. The girl asks Tif “are you ready to give up?”, and Tif being the stubborn person she exclaims “hell no” in a voice of struggle. That is when the other girl gets up on her feet, pulls Tif up along with her, and effortlessly lifts her up off her feet and pins her up against a wall. At this point, Tif with tremendous effort desperately struggles by helplessly kicking her legs while attempting to swing on the other girl to the best of her ability. The scene resembles that of a mother holding up and restraining a large toddler having a severe tantrum. During her struggle, Tif lets out a loud wet fart. At first everyone in the dojo thought that she simply passed gas, but in reality, Tif’s pink shorts filled up with soft poop semi runny poop that created a brown spot. At that point, the other girl realized what just happened and decided to add one last piece of humble pie to Tif’s punishment. She lets Tif back on the floor but takes Tif by the arm as if once again she’s a badly behaving child, crouches down on one knee with the other leg posted up, and bends Tif over her knee. She restrains Tif by holding one of her arms across her back and commences to spanking Tif right on the spot where shit is soiling her shorts. All of Tif’s friends are looking in disgust and disbelief, while Tif profusely apologizing and exclaiming “I promise I’ll be a good girl from now on, please let me go”. At the point, the young female Judo master lets Tif backup, gives Tif who is looking down towards the floor like an embarrassed child and gives her a short lecture on treating others better. After Tif said sorry in a soft-spoken manner, she walks out of the dojo and returns home. Once Tif got home, she felt embarrassed yet at the same time felt an urge to masturbate. Remaining in her soiled shorts, Tif masturbates and has what is probably the best orgasm she’s ever had. Strangely enough, Tif was not only turned on by soiling herself, but she also was turned on by the fact another woman dominated her in such a manner. It was at this point, Tif’s humiliation was an untapped pleasure for her that she has just discovered, perhaps one day she will return to the dojo with an attitude just to have this unusually pleasurable experience of humiliation again.

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