Playing Wiffle Ball With My Brother

When I was 11 me and my brother (who was 9) were playing wiffle ball. We were playing when I had to poop. He told me to just cross my legs and hold it so I did and I noticed he was to. We kept playing when I noticed he smelled like poop. I asked him if everything was ok and he said yeah. A few minutes later he walked inside and when he was walking away I noticed his butt was brown. I decided I would join in the fun so I let mine go. Mine was a long log. It. Filled my pants and it smelled. I went inside to look for my brother. I went to the downstairs bathroom and opened the door and to my surprise I saw my brother with his pants pulled down. They were full of poop and he had a piece of it in his hand and was about to drop it in the toilet. “Don’t tell mom” he pleaded. I said “I won’t tell on you if you won’t tell on me” and walked into the bathroom. I pulled down my pants revealing my big load. My brother was shocked. Then we started messing around. I put on his underwear and he put on mine and we sat down smashing the poop into our butts. We started rubbing each others poop all over each other. We were covered in poop and our clothes were ruined. Then my mom opened the door. She said “looks like somebody had an accident” and took us upstairs to get cleaned up.

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