Playing in a Dirty Toilet

played in my bathroom the other day … well, I do it most every morning after my wife leaves  for work… and I have the house for a coupla hours to myself…  anyway.. what I do is , put on my white  ( piss stained )tee shirt  that has been piss on numerous times and not washed.. my briefs, same and my short shorts… also stained and very smelly.. sometimes I put on one of my brassieres  with breast forms…  and wet myself more and squirt piss all over my face and shirt again… but yesterday , I turned off the water to my toilet and flushed it…. , then flushed it again , leaving a small amount of water in the bowl, then I emptied about 2 gallons of saved up pee into the bowl..  then I pooped in the toilet…  sometimes I poop in the toilet before I dump the pee in so I can see the poop better for pictures…  anyway… after doing that , I squirted more pee on my face then my shirt and then I licked the inside of the dirty toilet bowl and then licked the piss and then I dunked my head into the bowl and totally soaked my entire head in the piss/shit mixture… . I really don’t know why that turns me on so much , then I pressed my face into the shit that was in the bottom and got shit all over my face…  got so turned on , I I actually got ahardon and jacked myself off to an extremely strong and intense orgasm….

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