Plans for tomorrow

Hi its Kirsty blogging for a change. Tomorrow Matthew and i are planning on spending the whole day out and about as the weather is forecast to be nice. We were thinking of shopping in the morning, picnic for lunch and then maybe a ride down the river on a boat. Ive told Matthew that toilets are out of bounds allday tomorrow. We shall both be wearing an extra thick diaper, and ive said only one change, if we get depserate 🙂 I am mean aren’t i? I am thinking about cooking up a full english breakfast to start the day with. Matthew loves my breakfasts and i know the greasy food will work through him quite quickley.Before the shopping is done i know he will have a poopy diaper, me too most probably. For lunch we will have sandwiches and fruit (lots of prunes)! By the time we board the boat for the ride up the river we should have pooped and peed about 3 times each (hopefully). I want us to be noticed, this will be the 5th time we’ve filled our diapers in public and i cant wait. I am thinking about wearing a short skirt so when my diaper gets full it will sag below and be noticable and matthew looks great in joggers when he wears a diaper. Sweet dreams everyone xxx

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  1. Please keep on blogging you guys, always a great read.

    Let us know how it went!

  2. Matthew and Kirsty I think your blogs are wonderful. I get really turned on reading them. I’d love to know more about you both, maybe one day we’ll meet as I’m not too far from you. Please keep the blogs comming.

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