I was a deviant teen and did not do normal things. I liked to hear the sound of glass breaking. So I would go to the backwoods and there was a private dump where I would find bottles and jars to break. Destruction was my fun. The next destruction was going to the bathroom in my pants on purpose. Number two! Holding it back then having desperate moments where its at the brink of coming out and not when it was safe. I didn’t want my parents to find out I was shitting my pants, so I did it when they were away from home like at work or at a party in the evening. I could never really wash out all the stains in my undies and if my mom saw my underpants she would know I shit them. Then the question would come up in her mind …What happened….why did my teenage son shit himself…and where is his top outer pants? I got caught many times and always made up a lie about what happened. Eventually she figured out I was doing it on purpose. So one day I planned to do a huge load in my pants right in front of my mom and her friends. My mom was going to be embarrassed and her friends too. Her girl friends would be thinking what is wrong with her teenage son …he shittin in his pants on purpose. I had been holding back for about 12 hours an urge to go #2. I knew it would be big and couldn’t wait to let it go. They all were in the front room of the house sitting around on chairs and the sofa and I came into the room and stood perfectly still in the middle of the room to say here I am and watch me. My face got red from grunt pushing and forcing out my shit log. I made a couple loud grunt sounds too. I then left the room. I came back later after I had sat down in it and smashed the mess into my pants making brown stains showing on the undies. I went into the room and just had my underpants on and was sucking my thumb and showed the ladies that I was a deviant child and just shit his pants on purpose. They were all embarrassed including my mom because what was wrong with me. Why did I shit myself. I knew why I did it! I did it to be a bad boy…it feels very good .. I masturbate with shit in my pants better then without it there…A new adventure doing it in front of other people. This was the start of me doing it in school and in stores in my pants. I got yelled at and punished. Nothing worked to stop me from doing this. I continued and I got even more bold in my planning. I remember most of her girl friends were moms themselves and changers so dropping a load into my pants right in front of them was like most fun. Any one of them could of changed my pants with their past experiences changing diapers. More deviance! Yay! I shit my pants and my planning paid off as I made the biggest mess in my pants and it was a show stopper.

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