pissed on at the beach

I had a day off work yesterday 6th june and decided to spend it on Climping beach near littlehampton, being a week day it was quite quiet but i had a little fun by pissing over myself, (pics just posted).

However later on a few more people turned up looking for a little fun after work, one of them stopped for a chat and a good look at my naked body, and while he was there i needed a piss again, so without a word i knelt in the sand and leaning back i pointed my cock up myself and pissed right up my chest again, when i’d finished he said ‘so you like watersports then do you’, and asked if i like being pissed on, i said that i did and he said he’d see what he could do, he then undressed and i began sucking his cock, as i did so several other men gathered around to watch us and he wispered in my ear to say that he needed a piss but we had an audience, i said let them watch and turned over and offered him my bum to piss on which he did, as he pissed on me someone called us dirty  buggers but the chap just said it’s alright he loves it, and when he’d finished pissing he came round and sat infront of me so that i could suck his cock again, by then some of the watchers had pulled themselves off and were begining to go, however 2 did come down behind me as my arse was still stuck up in the air, and i had the pleasure of 2 more bladders full of piss flowing over my hole and down my legs, it was wonderful and a very pleasent end to a lovely day at the beach.

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  1. That’s a lovely day at the beach indeed! Here at our Jomtien gay beach too crowded for that unfortunately.

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