Pissed my pants at work again tonight

Went outside to have a smoke. Wasn’t out there more than two minutes and got an overwhelming urge to piss. Went behind the dumpster, whipped my cock out and finished pissing. Unfortunately, the damage was already done. I was pissing down my leg before I got behind the dumpster. Glad UI was wearing dark jeans and was almost at end of shift so I walked home with wet pants on.

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  1. Lately I have been holding a lot to the point of losing control and slowly wetting even as I struggle to stop the flow!! Now I’ve noticed that even when I don’t want a wet patch in my speedos I often dribble and wet when I would normally be easily able to hold back the flow!! Talk about subconscious ‘fun’ in my speedos!!! Now I almost always wear black or very dark pants in public when drinking!! (I have to or I’ll get noticed sometime!!)

  2. I hear you. I have bought a lot of black jeans and khaki’s since diapers leak anyway, I am better off just pissing in my briefs. I just sit where nobody will notice the puddle I make on the floor.

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