Piss stains

I was going through my underwear drawer the other day and came across a pair of white Hugo Boss trunks that I had flooded with piss and stained two or three times a few weeks ago. I had dried them out and folded them up to save for another day. 

I decided to wear them to work today and plan for some fun later. Got dressed after my shower And put on the golden stained trunks and wore a rank pair of socks I’ve been wearing on and off for weeks now, then finished getting dressed in the black suit that I wear to work everyday. 
Throughout the day as I would escape to the restroom I’d let a little flood go in the trunks, keeping them healthily moist all day. Standing there at the bank I could smell the piss stink rising from my crotch. A few times even I’d remove my shoes in the bathroom stall and squirt some piss on the insoles, adding to the stink already pouring from my feet. 
When I got home today I went right to the toilet and dropped my black slacks to my ankles and sat with my trunks still on and let the flood loose through my underwear, sending a good amount trickling down my calves, soaking my socks. 
Three times since I’ve been home, still wearing my suit pants socks shoes and undies, I’ve let the full force of my bladder drop into my pants and shoes. Sitting here now, soaking wet, I wanted to share my day. Who knows how today will end…

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  2. I want be with you sitting on a sofa rubbing your crouch dick why you let flow as you could be wet with piss and may be cum too

    when sitting it be good as well on a separate ooccasiont to see you in a gray suit along with me as well maybe with no underwear yes commando and let flow again with this i like to do after a few beers and toilet ban and see who lets go first again rubbing one and other crouch and maybe also how many times ket flow in our gray suits.

    Know once my flood gates have been opened specially why after drinking alcohol i need to keep going.

    What you think about this.

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