Piss revenge for dirty diaper left in room.

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So I travel for work several years ago with a team of about 4 other people. We had to travel to central or south American countries and typically stay in better larger cities in nicer hotels for 3-7 days. On one assignment we had to travel to a smaller city and were supposed to have reservations at the “best” hotel in this city. Well, the best hotel was in the process of changing brands and undergoing renovations. We arrived and the hotel had messed up our reservations. They scramble to find 5 rooms and we all get decent rooms but with some part half completed renovation. My room was complete with 2 double beds but the bathroom lacked of wallpaper and paint. Also a feature of the bathroom was a drain in the floor which I used several times to piss directly into in the first two days but that is not the story. But the drain provided me an alibi for later.So I sleep in one of the two beds and don’t use the other bed. After two days I began to smell a little bit of stale pee smells occasionally. I wondered where the smell was from so I begin investigating and searching in the room. I pull out my primary bed and look around and underneath the bed’s wooden base box and find nothing. I pulled out the unused second bed and in the gap between the bed base box and wall beneath the headboard I find a rolled up baby disposable diaper! I initially was furious for the lack of room cleaning that I was going to go get the hotel management to complain and show them the diaper. Then I considered it again- hotel barely had extra rooms, client company was paying, change in hotel branding meant probably little chance of frequent flyer/hotel points, then what would happen? But what fun could I have! I was obviously a single man without a wife and children with me so why would I have reason for a diaper in my hotel room? So I used rubber gloves (from a work first aid kit with me) to pick up, undo side tapes and unroll the diaper. It was obviously still wet and a little heavy, smelt of the now stale pee and had just a small brown stain in it but nothing solid in it. I then opened it up to form a “bowl” shape and nested it back between the wooden bed base box and the wall which would be covered by the unused matress and boxsprin when pushed back against the wall. So then I pissed into the diaper and then pushed back the still made up matress. For the next three days, fors whenever I was in the room, I moved the still made matress out and pissed into the diaper or against the wall above it. The diaper began to fill up and was full enough after two days to begin leaking out into the carpet and wetting the wooden base box. The room started to smell raunchy like an unclean bathroom! I actually began spraying cologne into the air conditioning vents to cover the smell! I began telling my coworkers that the bathroom floor drain was stinking and that the room smelt of sewage. The last full day prior to check out we completed our work early and were back at the hotel at around 1:00pm. As I approached my room there were two middle aged female maids in the hall outside my room attending to the room across from mine. As I unlocked my door they began to talking in hushed tones in their language. I closed the door and immediately looked through the security eye hole at them. I could tell that they were talking about me and my stinking room like “he’s the person in that nasty smelling room!” Because of the way they were talking and pointing at the door to my room. They had cleaned up my room but the now drenched diaper was still in place between the wooden base box and wall. That last night in the room was really rough because of the smell and ammonia stink but I still pissed into the diaper up until the morning of checking out. Then I moved the matress and box spring right back like always before and left the room. As my team traveled back to our home, I complained again several times about the “broken drain” in the room. I also knew that we would not be returning to that city and customer because our contract was expiring soon afterwards and our customer was not going to be using the equipment after that time. 

So ideas from this experience:Piss takes several days to become stale and smell.It takes a large volume of piss to really affect a smell over a short time. If you’re a single man or woman without children with you, you could bring a baby disposable diaper to conceal under the bed base box or under a sofa couch in order to shift blame of why there is piss smell in the room. But make sure if you do this that the hotel is not the best cleaned also so the maids missing the “hidden” diaper would not be considered unusual.Have cologne or perfume to assist in covering the smell if needed. Overall, this was the worst I ever did to a hotel room but was the most beautiful piss fun to do in the room.

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  1. I discovered I like the smell of dried pee after sitting beside a girl at school. The other students make fun of her but I secretly liked how she smelt and I think she realised when I went to her house after school. When we went into her room the smell of dried pee was overwhelmingly strong but to me it smelt great. I never checked the rubbish bin in her room but it always had diapers in it and they must have been full of her pee. I did smell the underwear that was always left all over her room and they almost always smelt like pee, pussy and ass but mostly pee.

    She was quite unpopular at school so I kept my visits to her house secrets until she asked me if I wanted to sleepover. I knew my friends were probably going to find out but I still said yes and stayed even though she went around telling everyone. As soon as dinner was finished we went into her room where she immediately put a diaper on then suggest I do the same. Apart from when I was a baby I had never worn one and when I told her she quickly showed me without even asking. She also told me it was ok to pee in it and kept asking me if I had as we talked and played UNO and the other games in her room.

    The smell of dried pee must be attractive to more people than you think because, like a house keeping girl at a hotel I stayed at. One day when I came back to my room early she was cleaning but seemed very startled and nervous. At first I thought it was because of my presence but after she left I noticed the underwear in my backpack had been moved as well as the dirty clothes I had in a plastic bag. Late that afternoon she came back to my room asking if I wanted my laundry done and said she had forgotten to check while she was cleaning my room. I knew it was just an excuse but pretended not to realise.

  2. @airborne532
    A very nice story about yourself and the girl from school. As you wrote, there seems to be a certain amount of pleasure that people get from smelling dried pee after the ammonia has evaporated. I’ve got some pairs pissed in men’s white underwear that I enjoy smelling after they are dried out.

  3. Hi Cyberdolphnow,

    I think a lot more like it but wouldn’t admit it for the fear of being ridiculed or ending a friendship. There have been people that tried to hide they liked it, some that made it obvious they did and there must have been some I didn’t know. When I was in primary school I discovered my black uniform pants disguised wetness perfectly. I would either let little squirts out during class or sit on the grass at the oval and do the entire pee in my pants. I liked the way it made my underwear smell so I often wore the same ones for a while and although I got called names for it there were definitely some people that liked it.

    One discovery was during a sleepover at a friend’s house where the only thing him and his mom wore inside was their underwear. When his mom first told me their house rules I was shocked, not only had I peed in my underwear a few times that day I have no spares. Once I had a shower I put my spare pants on and hid my underwear in my backpack but his mom soon questioned why I wasn’t following her rules and told me to get my underwear.

    When I handed them over her reaction was the exact opposite to what I was expecting and later that night when my friend was asleep she told me she liked how my underwear smelt and asked if she could smell them again.

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