Piss ouside while biking ( In English )

Today I went for a bike ride , so I ‘ve drunk before and I stayed in my street clothes , I took in a Coca-Cola bottle and my Camera .
I went along the coast , away from houses, on an old German bunker from the Second World War , perched on a hill overlooking the sea There was a concrete roof , smooth on what I I ‘m lying to rest and enjoy the view .
I really want to urinate when I straightened a stream of piss flooded my buttocks and formed a huge puddle on the floor. I stayed in my piss for another 20 minutes, then I resumed my journey. Only my ass was wet, then no one could see as I sat on the bike. To set path , I was exhausted so I took a break , I got off the bike and I leaned against the handlebar. I’m pissed me for the second time , my legs were visibly wet and a puddle is formed under me.
I respite my road and I met people , I don’t want to be recognized so I move fast. The front of my legs was dry 5 minutes later (5 minutes too late).
When I arrived in town , I went to a park with tap water to drink even more and I sat on a bench when suddenly I ‘m still pissed about me flooding my ass and I got up while pissing and I flooded my legs prominently . I hit the road and crossed a dozen people , I was ashamed . I’m sure someone my sight!
I got home and I masturbated like crazy in my piss
it was my first story (true as well) and I hope you enjoyed 🙂

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