piss on me

i have often wet the bed but never had anyone piss on me.i decided to put an advert in a newspaper looking for either gender to have some piss fun.
as this was the only time we met i dont know his name.
anyway we met in south brisbane,brisbane qld australia. (i am now in new zealand)
i was wearing a boring pair of panties and office type shirt and pants.being in his car i unzipped and let him touch my cock he said
“‘lets go to your place so you can change your panties to a sexy pair(lacy/black/see through)”‘
i changed in my bedroom with door shut to add to the arousal.i came out wearing only the panties.i then down on my knees on the kitchen floor he took out his cock,i am not sure if he was stiff or not and not sure how long he had it out before he started to piss on me i was very stiff but loved the feeling as his piss hit my legs/chest and genitals.it didnt last long and he left.

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  1. Its not really a fetish of mine but it does feel nice.

    When I was young I moved in with relatives and had to shared a room with a younger cousin that always insisted on sleeping in my bed and peed just about every night. She was scared of the dark and always wrapped herself around me so having her in my bed didn’t seem like a good idea until she wet herself. After that I didn’t mind at all

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