Piss enema !

I have a big enema bulbfull of two week old pee ,I found out that if you let it sit for a couple of weeks it gets powerful and develops a strong vapor ,I shoot just a little up my sweet hole and the challenge is on ,I squeeze my muscles together while the pee is heating up my ass, dick,and balls ! The gas vapor coming from it builds up humongous pressure and I start to squeeze my muscles even harder ,I am squeezing really tight now struggling to hold on ,it’s such a he’ll of a challenge and feels so good ,but I know I won’t hold on much longer ,I rarely win this battle ,then comes this extra pressure coming down on me ,I can no longer resist anymore ,the force is to great and all of a sudden my hole burst wide open and my hot shit comes shooting out ,it feels so so good running down my thighs,all over the back of my legs mmmmmm,and then I will try again immediately but to no avail my shit Kept exploding out of my butthole ,loved it ,now how bout this ,fuck you ass with old pee and see where that gets you lmaooo2

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