Pilots Under Pressure-Conclusion

“This can’t be happening??!!” the FO said, his voice edged with both desperation and disbelief. The Captain shifted in his seat, his eyes scanning the horizon until he saw the funnel cloud moving slowing away from them towards the terminal building. He could see the ground crews running for shelter, the air traffic stop as the twister spiraled closer. “You know if that terminal gets hit…we probably won’t have a toilet to get to” the Captain drawled, lifting his ass to crack one last pungent fart, He rubbed his gut feeling the pressure of the massive pile of shit press against his belt. And then the twister met it’s target, ripping into the glass and sending debris flying. “Holy shit…this can’t be happening” the FO said in complete shock. “Neither can this…” The FO turned to face the Captain who looked at him in desperation, lifted his uniformed but cheek up and began to let the monster out. His face grimaced in pain as the massive log was pushed from within him. There was a series of hissing farts as the fabric of his pants stretched and stretched, the shit filling every crevice, hard and compact. The Captain gave a little cry and winced his eyes as the log continued…”Boy this hurts” he growled, feeling the shame and humiliation and pain of the moment overcome him. The cockpit was filled with the rank stench of stale shit as the Captain felt the last of his pile escape and reluctantly settled back into his seat with a hot squish into knobby dry shit. “I think I just passed a football” he said weakly, turning his attention back to the storm. It had moved away, dissipated, leaving a trail of wreckage at the terminal,

The radio crackled. “Ah we got a situation here. Ground Control to all ground traffic.” The airport has been hit by a tornado and the terminal has sustained serious damage. All air traffic will be turned back and aircraft on the ground re-directed to your alternate airport. Please stand by for further instruction.” The FO shook his head…”Cleveland is our alternate, but when are we gonna take off?” The Captain was silent, sitting his his pile of shit, humiliated yet blissfully relieved. The FO farted, a blast, percussive and loud. “I can’t hold it…” He lifted off his seat and let his anus flower open as his enormous log slithered into his shorts, squishing it’s way beyond the elastic waistband of his jockeys, down his thighs and into his hairy ass -crack. He moaned as it went, full of shame, relief and sudden abandon. It felt good to have it unloaded. The last of it popped outĀ  with a crackling fart and he sat back in exhaustion. “Feels good doesn’t it?” The Captain said, staring straight ahead. “Of course this goes no further than this cockpit” Two Captains shitting themselves.

An hour later they were rolling back down the runway. The two still sat in their piles, the cockpit now stinking of their efforts. The wind was still strong and the aircraft dipped playfully as it soared up into the sky. As they leveled off above the dark clouds the Captain could hear a trickling and running and looked over to see the FO’s crotch wet with his own urine. He let his go at that point as well. The flight was uneventful. They landed in Cleveland, made it to their gate, opened the door, stayed seated and waited until the passengers had all gone. Then there was a knock at the door. It was the head Purser. A tall, firmly built fellow. He poked his head into the cockpit then immediately pulled back, “Is everything alright Captain?” The pilot turned around and smiled, “Come on in son and close the door.” “Your looking at two grown men who have the complete humiliation of messing in their shorts. Can you give us a hand?” The purser was dumbfounded but compliant. “Y’all get our carrry-ons and bring them back here. We’ll change down and if you could get us some wet towels and things.” The purser scuttled back to the cabin and returned with the cases and towels to find the two men stripped down. The Captain was easing his full shorts down his thighs trying not to dislodge his prize while the FO stood naked,his flaccid penis and low hangers smeared with his waste. They handed the purser their underwear and he deposited it in the plastic garbage bag, Handing them over the wet towels. “This doesn’t bother you too much son? Does it?” the Captain asked the Purser. The Purser laughed, “I use to be a nurse so I am used to wiping people’s asses” The Captain smiled, handed him back the cloth and turned around bending over and spread his cheeks…”Wipe away son, you can see the mess better than I” The FO watched chuckling “Boy you guys really do give the best service” The Captain spread his cheeks open, “Thanks son, this is easier …oh incoming” and with that he farted into the hand of the purser. Once clean the Captain changed and the FO was cleaned by the willing purser, but his mess was wetter, smeared down his thighs. The FO insisted on cleaning his own cock and balls but was happy to have his back crack cleaned free of his shit. He too changed and the three sauntered out of the aircraft as the Captain put his hand on the purser’s shoulder saying, “Well that service deserves a commendation. Buy you a drink son?”

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