piggy play

I have been submissive to her for many years. Only as an online sub. She has discovered many things about me. I guess being a nasty submissive living a normal life I was aching for someone to know all my desperate needs and desires. It led to her pushing me to be the true nasty pig I have always desired to be.

Today she asked a question, “How do you feel when you play with your pig shit?”

I couldn’t believe she asked but I guess I always wanted to answer. “I am so turned on and excited. I want to be clean but at the same time I want it smeared on me. I want to be made to show, and told where to put it. When I rub it on my tiny dicklet I could almost cum immediately. However, doing it for you is the real excitement, imaging what you think of me, imaging you tell all your friends what a nasty pig I am. Seeing me with pig shit on my face, in my pubic hair, all over my dicklet, my balls, tasting it and rubbing it is so exciting. But, doing it by your command is everything!

I should have stopped exposing myself at that point, but I went on. “Even when I am holding my pig shit in, keeping it inside. waiting to build up so much to play with, it is exciting. I am excited to have an ass full of shit. It tries to force itself out and I let slide to the opening, even push it a little, before I squeeze it back. It makes me horny and needing to pull on my tiny dicklet. Sometimes my shit comes out to far and I have pig shit stuck to by hole and in my big fat crack. It is beyond exciting.”

You would think that would have been plenty to admit to, but I not only had shit in my hole I apparently had diarrhea of the mouth today. I continued to tell her more, “and when I fuck a pile of my own shit with my little dicklet, I shoot my cum so fast and so much! I just want to bend down and lick it off!

She thought about what I had said and then asked, “when did you find out you liked the piggy poo?”

It was not hard to remember my first time. I had been playing with my poo since I discovered my dick got hard. It began when I was needing something in my butt hole and started using the toilet plunger handle. I was living at home and had to masturbate in the bath so the plunger was convenient and the right size. The first time I stuck it in I came immediately. When I took it out it was dirty. I cleaned it but was afraid someone could still tell so I smelled it. The smell excited me. The next time after using the plunger handle as my fuck toy, when it came dirty I tasted it. My attraction grew from there. I began smearing my shit and using my piggy poo to stroke my little cock. I came almost immediately when I included piggy poo in my masturbation play.

I told my goddess a shortened version, “When I was a teen I began to play with it. I took a break from it for years but as I age my perversion for it is stronger. So I guess the last 15-20 years I have had the need and played more. Finally admitting to you, goddess and others was a big step.”

She said something that stays with me, “finding someone who accepts you is good too isn’t it?”

“Yes very good” I said and naturally added, “and commands me to be a nasty porky pig.” As if that wasn’t enough I just had to keep talking, “yeah, for some reason it excites me a lot, but I need to be told to play with my piggy poo and what to do with it. If not ordered I generally will think about it but many times not actually play with it so quickly. I am not sure what this means, other than I know I need to be commanded.”

Immediately she told me, “I command you to do it again, as soon as possible and write the word PIG across your stomach in it.”

My piggy dick got very excited and I said, “Oh yes goddess, I desire to please you in this way.”

I live a normal life with a family so it is not always convenient to just play with my piggy poo. I usually need to wait until late at night to be sure no one will walk in on me with pig shit in my mouth, on my face, smeared over my chubby tummy, on my tiny dick. It is easy to hide small bits of it but to play as she was commanding me I needed time to push the poo out on my desk, write PIG as she wished, take the photos, and of course I would rub some on my dicklet and finally clean up; all of that had to be done without interruption. So I replied, “I will have to try much later as now is not a convenient time. I wish there were more creative ways to use it for you than I think of, but I love that you command me and I will write P.I.G. for you goddess and snap a photo to post for you.”

She said, “I will look for more ways 🙂 trust me you dirty old pig!”

“I do trust you goddess.” I replied

“Good pig.” She said.

She knew saying this would motivate me and I said, “thank you goddess.”

“No thank you good pig. You have earned it.” She added

“Oh you make me ache to please you goddess.” I was bubbling over wanting to do anything I could to please her. And to please her by playing with my piggy poo, this was all I could ask for.

Later that night I had problems. It was only the day before goddess had me play with my piggy poo, rubbing it into my face, and smearing it on my dicklet and posting pictures on the BDSM site where I met her. So this night when I tried to push out more to follow her command I just couldn’t. There was none to give. So I told her, “Sorry goddess, I tried to fulfill your command but I seem to be too empty to get anything. May I try again tomorrow?”

“Of course you may try again, you will try again until you complete the task.” She was very forgiving, thankfully.

The next day I thanked her, “thank you goddess I do look forward to it. I think I could do it now but it is not a convenient time again. Besides it will make it more exciting to keep holding it until I am able to fulfill you command. My piggy poo sits right at the edge of squeezing out.”

She told me, “You should stick your finger in slightly just enough to moisten it and smell it deeply and think of me.”

I loved this idea and excitedly exclaimed, “yes I am goddess, I can taste it too!”

Next she just said, “nasty pig.”

“Oh yes, thank you goddess.”

When next I was able to prepare for my task to write P.I.G. on my chubby tummy, I was holding my piggy poo for her over two days. I told her, “Today there is even more piggy poo, pushing trying to force itself out. I press in and moisten a finger with the poo right at the edge of my hole, I bring it to my nose and inhale thinking of you my goddess. I am rubbing it on my nipples and pulling my tiny dicklet as I do, it excites me so much.”

She didn’t respond and I discovered she was unavailable to talk to me but I continued to send her messages as if she was listening. I told her all that was happening as I prepared to follow her command. I continued, “There is so much it presses against my prostrate and makes it difficult to pee. I pee a little and stop and have to pee three minutes later again.”

“It is so erotic, I can’t stop pulling my little pee pee, squeezing my cheeks to hold back my piggy poo and feeling the pressure. I wish now was a convenient time to put my big fat ass cheeks on my desk and push it all out for play. I would leave a big long strand of my poo, wrapped in a circular pile, to smell, and taste and play and write – P.I.G.”

“I could put the video cam on and record as it pushes out onto the desk, making a big long pile. Pooping over the desk is a dirty way to shit because so much sticks to my dirty hole and fat crack. But doing it now would be so freeing, the pressure would be off my prostrate, my aching little dick head would release a steam of pee out between my legs and all over my bare feet.”

“I keep sticking in my middle finger and wiggling it around like it was entering a wet pussy. The wetness of my hole allows it easy access and when I pull it out all brown I can’t stop myself from smelling and tasting and smelling again. Pressing in again and again, rubbing it on my nipples. I wish my titties were bigger than an B-cup so I could suck my own nipples into my mouth and taste them with my filth and precum spread over them.”

“A fart releases from my full hole and it puts extra pressure on my sphincter muscle. My shit wants to force itself out, but I need to hold it, keep it for later when I am able to write P. I. G. on my chubby belly. I think about having extra to rub on my tiny dicklet.”

“My hole is so wet and moist anything could slide in of any size and thickness. Of course it would be pulled out filthy, but I know how I would want to clean whatever did come out dirty.”

“I am inspired by the wetness and grab a plastic straw sitting on my desk, pressing it inside just a little. Pulling it out with filth on it and inside it, I twirl it on my nipples, making them hard little brown tips. I suck the straw while rubbing my brown nipples, smelling them and feeling their stickiness. Oh yes my little dicklet is hard and my balls hard with cum.”

“I stick the straw back in, deeper, at least 8 inches. It comes out so brown and full. I twirl it on my nipples, their dirtier and their odor increases. I do wish I could lick them and clean them as I am sucking and cleaning the outside of the straw.”

“Inserting something into my dirty hole at this point is dangerous because it opens my hole and I am losing my power to keep in the rush of filth which is so desperate to flow out.”

“I sit back and rub my nipples, hard and brown, stroking my hardening little dicklet. I suck the straw as if drawing in a chocolate milkshake, small plugs of filth from inside the straw flow into my mouth and on to my tongue. I swirl them around and suck them into my tummy. There is increasing precum on my dicklet, wetting my entire tiny head.”

“In goes the straw again, this time I let it stay for a while building up filth inside and out. It is so deep I can sit and not feel it outside at all. Hopefully my hole won’t suck it in completely as I continue to jerk my little dicklet.”

“Oh my asshole is pumping and squeezing like a cunt cumming. It presses the plastic straw out a little and I enjoy pushing it back it. I know it is encased in my brown filth. I wonder if I should leave it in until later when I put my big fat ass on the desk and press out all my filth to play and write P.I.G. on my chubby tummy.”

“My nipples have become hard with my filth, the straw still deep in my dirty hole, so I pee on the desk and a napkin, drawing the pee in so I can use the pee to wipe my little brown nipples clean.”

“I can’t stopped rubbing my dicklet and squeezing the shit in my hole. I am not going to make it to later when I have the freedom to write P.I.G. and take pictures. I am one big excited nerve with too much need to have the discipline to stop now and wait for a more convenient time.”

Goddess laughs and writes to me, “keep going pig, keep going.”

I didn’t see her message right away and I continued writing to her as if she was still not there. “Oh the excitement is overwhelming, if I could only push out my pile of shit and write P.I.G. But I still don’t have the kind of privacy I need for that. I do need to do something. I pull out the shit covered straw and twirl my nipples again, marking them brown and smelly shit. I press the straw into the slit of my dicklet and twirl some brown into it. My precum makes the filth run over my dicklet head and spread. It is all too much. I suck the straw into my mouth, sucking in piggy poo and rub my dicklet a few more times … it shoots a stream of white cream on the desk. If my shit pile was there I could lick my white cum of my brown shit. But I have held in my piggy poo so at least later I may be able to fulfill my task, writing P.I.G. and posting the photos.”

“I bend and lick up my dirty cum and rub my nipples and dicklet clean with more of my pee. The straw I suck as clean as possible and save, maybe I can use it again later. My shit is still pressing, trying to come out. I am almost too weak to hold it back. I wonder as I sit here if it will just flow out on its own, filling my panties?”

Then I look and see goddess has spoken to me. “Oh sorry goddess, I did not see your message. I had to bring some relief or I could not have done anything else for the rest of the day.”

She simply said, “nasty old dirty filthy pig bitch.”

I replied, “yes thank you goddess. I am sure I am shocking to you. The level of depravity I will go to on my own.”

“You are my nasty filthy pig bitch ….MY pig.” She told me.

“Oh yes thank you goddess. I tried to hold off but it was too much pig excitement. I am weak now and my shit just wants to empty. I have been holding it back for days.” I told her as if she needed to know.

I still had to try and fulfill my command later. For the moment I was dreaming of all that just happened and so happy my goddess claims me even though she has seen how low I can go.

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