Petangue ball shitting

Once I was watching some vids with two my friends. There were several bizarre gay activities…fisting, toying, bizarre insertions …
And there was a daddy shoving a big petangue ball up to the ass of a skinny twink. It seemed impossible, but the tiny arse finally swallowed the giant ball.
Then the twink was ordered to push the ball out. It was difficult. Poor boys belly was pushing hard, the boy was breathing loudly, his tiny asshole didnt want to open and stretch…It was so hot! The daddy started punching the poor boys belly so he should push much harder. He strained, his asshole opened wider and wider…his tiny buttocks trying to flare…

We got really, really horny and I decided to try the petangue too. I was a constipation addict, was constipated almost all the time, and wanted to try increasing the process with the ball. My friends were looking forward to watching me pushing and struggling to shit the ball out.
We bouhgt a set of balls and planned a session. Before the session, I succeeded to take a big shit, so there was some space inside my rectum.
My friends started to slowly open my ass to prepare it for the ball. My asshole was trained so it was able to stretch, but the diameter of the ball was 8 cm. I had no fisting experience, only constipation training from my childhood.
So it took more time than we planned, I tried sitting on the ball, the boys tried to push it inside. Finally the ball was in my rectum. The feeling was great, the heaviness and fullness.
They ordered, that I would keep the ball inside me as long as possible and then I would invite them for the birth.
As my belly was used to constipation, I succeeded in having the ball in me for almost a week. I could feel the mass of hard shit which accumulated above the ball, my belly was bloated and round. I even increased the bloat by swallowing air. I met with my friends at a swimming pool, we decided to have some swim before the session. They admired my bloated abdomen. It was so prominent, that I almost looked pregnant. I was wearing a really tiny and tight pair of swimming trunks, so everybody could see my thin male body with narrow hips, small butt and a beach ball belly on the opposite side of my body. There were many people around and nobody knew that there was a petangue ball stuck up my asshole and my belly was full of shit and air. After the swim we went to a fast food restaurant, had a big dinner, my belly was stuffed even more and I was prepared for the birth. I was really horny being constipated by the ball. When in my flat, I got undressed, so they could see me naked. I got on my hands and knees and started pushing. I could feel pain in my rectum, the ball was really big and hard. When we were shoving it inside, there were two of us working. Now it was only my belly muscles trying to force the ball through my hole. More difficult than I thought. Even for me with the constipation practice.
Uhhnnnngh! I bore down again and again. I put my hands on my buttcheeks and tried to open my birth canal. It was a real constipation. My asshole was stretching more and more but I still wasnt able to spit the ball. One of the boys massaged my belly and I bore down again and again. We enjoyed it, it was so similar to a birth. We tried again and again. It was really hard, my anus wasnt trained for such a diameter. My body worked hard, just wanted to defecate. I was covered in sweat. Finally I got the ball out after a really big push, and started to expel hard shit of the same diameter. It was a real constipation orgasm.
My guests were satisfied as well, they were into constipation and mpreg. We decided to repeat the action soon, but I had to have some rest.

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