pet sitting fun :3

I’m a furry and i love wearing my collar i got a new one and decided it would be fun to put it on and tie myself up with the leash a few feet away from the toilet i was squatted down in my cute purple short shorts and the temptation of being so close to the toilet tricked my bowels causing my load that i had held for close to 3 -4 days to come out but i had a problem my little shorts were to tight and were preventing me from letting the rest of my load out so i had to pull my shorts off and let the poo out the rest of the way after letting it all out i lost my balance and fell back on my bum squishing the load and well it was a pain to clean up lets just say that lol well i got
cleaned up and decided it would be fun to put on one of the diapers i had taken from my potty trained nieces house and put it on the problem was the daiper was too small so i settled for putting it my panties and piddled in it that way while i was watching videos on here. well a little bit later like an hour or two i had to go poo again so i just
took the diaper off/out of my panties and set it on the toilet seat and squatted over it and let the rest of my held poo out onto the diaper i started off sitting on the partially wet diaper then sat up as the poo cam sliding out of my tail hole(bum hole for all you humans here) it felt amazing especially at the end when the end of the poo fell and
brushed against my cunt/clit i peed a bit more as i was pushing the poo out as well.

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