Peeing on my towel

A few days ago i was reading alot of Towel wetting stories, i don’t know why but i just love them, since i can’t get diapers towels are the next best thing, so i went into my bathroom with my phone, i laid the towel down on the floor, i took off my pants and underwear and sat down, desperate already as i tried to hold it as i read a few more stories on my phone to get my more hyped up and excited, i then couldn’t take it anymore and let out a few spurts, it feeling amazing, me getting a giddy feeling inside as i then lifted my legs up and started squirting, it going quite far, but then i put my legs back down and leaned back on my hands, leaning my head back and then just let go, letting it all flow out of me, it feeling amazing, after i finished and got up the towel was now drenched and a huge spot there, i know i’ll definitely be doing that more often~

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