peeing my pants

Yesterday, whilst watering the garden – in my garden jeans and tight pants, you can imaging the urge to pee whilst filling the watering can. Peeing my clothes is something I have not done since a little boy. The urge was too much. I let out a little dribble . I watered the plants and then went to fill the can again. This time too much to stop the flow. Let it go I said so I did. All down my leg and in to my wellies. The warm gushing feeling is something I will never forget. So mow being hooked on pissing my pants I decided that after watering the garden I needed a shower. I took off my clothes except for my undies. I sat on the loo and pissed. Legs closed and the strange feeling of the pee running to my arse hole- warm and wet. I thought what if I push???? I decided better not and slid my undies down a little. I did push and out came a poop. Next time in my undies. Fab feeling.

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