Peeing my Pants at School

Ok so here was in college, sitting in class, listening to a lecture that was kinda important but all I could focus on was the fact that I was extremely desperate. I was so desperate to pee that I had to hold my crotch to prevent myself from having an accident. I don’t know how I could let myself get in this position but before class I was busy doing some homework that I just didn’t really think about going to the bathroom. O well my mistake

Anyway, lucky for me the classroom I was in was pretty large and I was all the way in the back with no one around me. I was pretty close to the door so i could make a quick get a way but I knew that wasn’t an option because if I got up I would completely loose it and pee my pants before I left the room. The other problem was that class was barely halfway over so I had about another 45 min till class was over. So I had a big decision to make and boy was I nervous.

Before I go any further I should tell you what I was wearing. I had on a black DC hoody, light green element tee, red Hurley boxer-breifs, gray/black RVCA jeans, white ankle socks, and nike delta force sneakers (black & blue). It was pretty fortunate that I had on black jeans because that would help hide the wetness. Plus it was dark out so I had some pretty good cover.

SO now back to the story. I tried to hold on as long as I could but I knew it was a lost cause. With about 40mins left in the class small bursts of pee began soaking my boxer-briefs. At this point I was freaking out a little bit because I didn’t want anyone to see me have an accident, I was in college after all. Another 10mins later I had to make a decision. I decided that I would never make it to the bathroom and since I was pretty isolated in the classroom I was going to pee my pants.

After I made the decision, I removed my hand from its death grip on my crotch. As soon as I did this the pee can gushing out. AAAHHHHH it felt sooooooo good. The warmth and wetness began to spread all over my crotch and my ass. Before long it began to collect on the seats which we sorta curved meaning it held a lot of piss.

As the piss kept gushing I got wetter and wetter (loving every minute of it) but I took a quick glance around the room to make sure no one could see what I was doing. Thankfully no one was looking so I continued. The next thing that happened was the pee began to spill over the chair. I got nervous then but since the floor was carpet it didn’t make a sound.

I peed for at least 10mins and by the end of it I was soaked. I just sat there enjoying what I had just done and surveyed the damage. I was pretty soaked and kinda noticeable so I had to make a quick get away after class. When I stood up pee ran down the back of my legs soaking me ever more. At this point I hurried out of class to avoid any stares. I jetted outta the building and under the lights I could see how wet I was and wondered if the people I was passing knew what I had done. I didn’t think so because no one stared or said anything. I made it to my car and drove home.

Once I got home I had to pee again so I just flooded may jeans again, this time getting even more soaked that my socks and sneaks where soaked. After that I went into the shower, fully clothed of course, and finished things off. It was definitely a HOT night.

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  1. That was a great story. I could just imagine you sitting there, worrying about peeing since you were “in college.” Hey, everybody pees in their pants once in a while! You were smart that you just let it out rather than suffer! Wish I had been with you!

  2. As a transgendered woman (pre-op) I peed my panties in college but I am sure no one would be interested in hearing more

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