Peeing into Short Trousers on Long car journeys

I would like to hear from any males who peed in their short trousers during long car journeys. I think talking about it now can be sex y, particularly if you were either 12 or 13 years old at the time


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  1. I always wore shorts growing up. I was about 11 and on the bus coming home from school one day when I peed in my school shorts. Another time I peed my shorts in the back seat of my friends car coming home from a football game. There where 3 of us in the back seat and one of the others peed too. Some times when we where in our car I would wet a little before the driver found a place to stop so I could go somewhere. I often had wet patches in my shorts.

  2. Growing up during the ’60’s I wore short trousers up until I had just turned 13. I remember having several wet accidents in my trousers. I used to stop over on my uncle’s farm every few weeks during the year. One Saturday me and my uncle went to a fair in the local village. There were all sorts of things going on and I had a really good day. It had been a treat for my 12th birthday which was the following week. The drive back to the farm took about 30 minutes I suppose and we were about half way home when I felt the need for a pee. I was sitting in the back seat squeezing my willie through the front of my shorts and pressing my knees together desperately trying not to let a spurt of piss go into my trousers. The inevitable happened before we got home and I’d let several spurts of piss go into my shorts. I could feel my hand and trousers both wet and it was obvious from the dark wet stain between my legs that I had wet myself. When we got home I jumped out of the car and raced for the toilet but as I fumbled desperately to get my trousers down I just couldn’t hold on any longer and I well and truly pissed my trousers. Next came the embarrassment of standing in front of my uncle while he lectured me and then the even greater embarrassment of being spanked after I’d got changed into a pair of dry trousers.

  3. Did your uncle ever mention about putting you back on the Potty, during his lecture?

  4. I often wet my pants as a kid. The beauty of shorts was only the crotch got wet as the rest ran down my legs. I usually had a wet patch in my shorts most days. Kids used to tease me but gradually it was just accepted I wet my self and no one seemed to care anymore. My mother was totally indifferent to my pants wetting and rarely mentioned it apart from if I came in with wet pants to watch TV I would be told not to sit in the good chairs unless I changed my pants.

  5. you deserved your spanking for wetting your shorts i hope he put you over his knee to punish you

  6. i used to dribble in my shorts a lot in junior school. i loved the feeling of being wet and I was not alone. It helped my folks were easy going about wetting and it was only if I pooped I got into trouble. I frequently had a soggy crotch in in corduroy shorts and sometimes up my backside a bit. one day my best friend had to squeeze by me on he bus to get out and his bum was in my face and he truly smelled of dried pee. It was perhaps the first time I was excited by another boy.

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