Peeing In The Park

In my 20’s I would spend warm California summer days hiking in Malibu State Park. I was dressed in blue jeans and a T-shirt. The temperature hovered around 100 degrees. Malibu Canyon Trail is a beautiful hike, 5 miles in and 5 miles back, oak trees everywhere, with a 20′ wide natural creek about waist deep, meandering between 50 to 75 feet off the main trail. I knew that it would be a drag to carry a jug of water, so I decided not to carry water on the trip. I figured that I would hydrate myself on the drive out to the park. Driving to the trail head I drank around 32 ounces of water. By the time I parked the truck, I really needed to pee. I knew that there were no bathrooms on the trail. I figured that I would find a quiet spot at the trail to relieve myself. At the trail head I met a beautiful petite older woman in her late 30’s named Sandy. I immediately stopped looking for a secluded place to pee. I did not want to miss out on a possible pretty walking partner. I simply held my pee back. I figured that I would find a secluded spot to pee later. I found myself completely captivated by this older woman. Sandy was also dressed in jeans and a T-shirt. I noticed Sandy was a little damp around her crotch. I asked her if she was OK? Sandy smiled, and simply said that she needed to pee, so she relieved herself. I asked why she peed into her jeans? Smiling Sandy said; “You should try it some time, you will never be the same.” And that was that! 

I remembered as a kid at summer camp, and how I got off peeing in my jeans, and then swimming fully clothed. It was kinda fun in a weird “Bad Boy” way. After I got married I stopped wetting myself for pleasure. Sandy told me about her wild upbringing, and her female lover. I was a straight guy raised by a scoutmaster father. It was a blast hearing about this girl’s “Bad Girl” experiences. Sandy was a definite risk taker and exhibitionist. Around one mile into our hike I began to feel like my stored pee was going to burst. I struggled at the tip just to hold my pee back. Two miles into the hike Sandy turned back up the trail to meet her lover for lunch.

The moment I turned around to hike back down the trail, I started to look for a secluded spot to pee. I looked behind me to see Sandy hiking back up the trail. There were no hikers in front of me. I was completely alone on the trail. I kept thinking about Sandy, and how she still found pleasure in wetting herself. I walked off the trail in search of a quiet spot to finally relieve myself. Walking briskly, I began to uncontrollably dribble bits of pee into my underwear. The warm wetness felt great as a little dark shiny spot appeared at my crotch. With my burning pee needing to be released, I thought; Maybe I would just release one little spurt into my underwear. Struggling to hold back, I began to let go a little pee spurt. Looking down I saw my dark shiny spot spread as warm pee pushed threw my underwear and jeans. My pee spurt saturated my underwear with warm wetness. It felt as good and pleasurable as I had remembered. After listening to Sandy’s “Bad Girl” experienced, I figured that maybe it was time for me to have a “Bad Boy” experience of my own.

With no one around, I released another warm pee spurt into my underwear. It was such a thrill. Now warm pee began to saturate my crotch and inner thighs. I felt both a little embarrassed, and a little “Bad.” Those first pee spurts felt so so good that I became aroused. Warm shiny pee started to seep down my inner crotch. There was no hiding that I had wet myself. Then I noticed an older couple coming down the trail. So as not to be noticed, I squatted down behind some brush. As I spied on the couple, I let go another very satisfying pee spurt. My stream of warm pee saturated my crotch and backside. After the couple passed, I stood up. As I continued my walk down the trail, my pee soaked underwear seeped warm wetness down the back of my thighs and legs. At that point I was soaked with pee, and did not care if another hiker saw me or not.

As I continued down the trail, I flooded my underwear with the balance of my pee. My jeans became shiny with my flooding pee. Now completely pee soaked, my jeans flapped against my legs as I walked. After 30 minutes walking in the hot sun, my jeans were almost completely dry, except an area around my crotch. My bladder was now full again. I continued hiking until the desire to release pee became burning at the tip. I waited until I began to spurt bits of pee uncontrollably. Just as I was ready to completely let go, the park’s ranger patrolling the trail, walked up behind me. The ranger noticed a little dampness between my legs. He asked if I was OK? I strained to stop leaking pee. I told the ranger that I would rather wet myself than to be arrested for pulling out my cock, and peeing exposed in a state park. Not known to the ranger I uncontrollably released two relieving pee spurts as we spoke. He never noticed my new rapidly spreading shiny wet spot. The ranger said that wetting myself in the park could still get me in trouble. (I thought; “His loss” Lol). Seeing that I was OK, the park ranger continued on. Just as I turned to hike down the trail, I could not hold back any longer. I flooded my underwear with a steady stream of warm wet pee. Instantly my warm pee flowed down my crotch, and seeped across my thighs.

I reached the 5 mile turn around point with hot sore feet. I thought that maybe I would soak my tired feet in the cool creek. I did not bother to remove my tennis shoes and pee soaked socks. I walked into the creek up to my shins. Cool creek water filled my tennis shoes and soaked my socks. The cool water felt so good I went deeper to my knees. I felt the current of the creek water flapping my jeans against my legs. Making my way to exit the creek, I accidentally stepped into a deep spot. Cool creek water rolled up my jean’s leg and touched my crotch. As it did, I felt little air bubbles captured inside my jeans starting to run up my legs. It really felt erotic. I decided that this day was my day to be really “Bad.” I turned around and waded into the creek fully clothed to my waist. It was so much fun. I felt like I was 9 again at summer camp. I started to forge back up the creek. I noticed that where the creek was exposed to the sunlight, the water temperature went from cool to warm. As I moved up the creek, I constantly passed threw these “hot spots” that felt like I had just peed again. It felt so erotic. The water depth went from my hips to my chest, eventually engulfing my T-shirt. The combination of water temperature change, and my submerged clothes, felt so good flapping against my hot sweaty skin. It was so refreshing, I waded up the creek for the first mile or so. After exiting the creek I was cool and refreshed. I was now ready to continue my hike on land. Exiting the creek my jeans and T-shirt were heavy with dripping creek water. My soaked clothes were a definite turn-on. As I resumed my hike back to the trail head, my jeans dried to a damp state. The 32 ounces of water I drank at the trail head was still not completely done with me. I began to come across other hikers. Deciding to become more daring, I stopped to greet everyone hiker I met. I told them how great my creek swim was on that hot summer day. As I stood there talking, I spurted warm pee into my underwear. No one realized what a thrill I had peeing into my damp jeans without anyone noticing.

One mile before the trail head I was all sweat-ed up again. I walked up to the creek shore and did what was to be my last pee release into my semi damp jeans. Because my jeans were already damp, my warm pee instantly spread everywhere. My thighs and legs became shiny with warm pee. I then waded into the creek fully clothed, and floated around for almost an hour. By the time I reached the trail head I was again almost completely dry. I met the park’s ranger on the way out. He asked me how my hike was? I told the ranger that my hike had it’s “dampening moments” and laughed. I told the park’s ranger that I had only experienced nothing but clean wet fun. The ranger smiled and recommended me to come back on a week day if I wanted more privacy. We both looked at each other and busted up laughing.

Years later, I am here to say, that peeing in my jeans and swimming fully clothed gives me the same thrill as it did years ago.

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  1. nice account of your memories Its sometimes the simple things in life that can give the most pleasure

  2. WOW very hot stories …i did almost the same but on rainy day …you can’t say if it’s rain or pee who wet the jeans 😉

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