Peeing in front of people.

This summer I went to a nudist beach. Before that I drank about two beers and one you take with you to the beach. I went to the end of the beach, where there were a lot of people. Is there even such a nature table and benches. On one of them I sat down. For me, at a distance of two meters were two women, 60 and 40 years. Around mother dceroul. In front of me was also a lot of men and women.
All naked. I moved to the edge of the bench, dick down and slowly began to pee in the sand. I pee all. Since half my foot slid under him and weed on it. It was a nice feeling.
Then I walked along the beach in a swimsuit and weed your swimsuit. Everyone saw me, I met women and girls, and before them weed. It was truly a wonderful experience

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  1. I have stood naked at the edge of the sea on a naturist beach and let my piss flow on various occasions. Other people both male and female have noticed. The usual reaction from people is just to smile. No one has ever commented or complained.

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