Peeing in Albuquerque

I was in Albuquerque for a conference last year and I spent a couple nights on Sandia Peak. It was a wetting journey for me. I drank as much water as I could hold in my stomach before I left because I knew it would be dry, filled the bottles and left At first, I was wondering if it was going to work out. It was so dry hot, I felt myself cool from sweating adn I was worried I might run out of water too soon. I wanted to wet my shorts, not my shirt. I had only packed 4 liters with me, and I didn’t know if I would find any water up there. After hiking uphill for about thirty minutes, I had to undress a bit. The pants and sleeved shirt came off and I hid them at a landmark on my GPS. I was now wearing shorts and a synthetic shirt. Even after that I was too hot going uphill so I then put on these swimming jammers and a spandex shirt. This had nothing to do with looks, I’m not that attractive, but totally out of necessity. I really had to keep cool and I am not embarrassed to wear tight spandex shorts if it is what I need to wear for the journey. I didn’t have to pee the whole day. It levelled off at the top. I met three mountain bikers whom were dressed just as crazy as I was, even wearing those helmets that you wear when you get shot out of a cannon. We said “Hi” and the third one was 5 minutes behind and totally worn out. I told him is friends were further ahead, about a 2 minutes ride away and having lunch. I found a nice spot to build a tent which would be my wetting headquarters where my carefully chosen clothing selection and water bottles would be stored. I set up camp and repacked for a evening hike. It was getting dark and now I had to pee a little. I put on white Under Armor Heat Gear long underwear and wore loose black shorts over them. The matching white shirt was worn too with nothing over it. I thought I would let a little loose. I have a talent that reflects my level of zen and it allows me to pee slowly while I walk. I can either let small, controlled bursts out or a resisted slow pee. I first started with slow bursts to allow the heat gear to get damp, else I will end up peeing straight through it as if it wasn’t even there. The dampness creaped down my inside legs, but didn’t go towards the front any, just down the inside where it wasn’t noticeable unless you looked right there. After about 15 or 20 minutes, the wet was down to my knees, It took a while because the air was so dry, it was cooly evaporating as I peed. The wet never got any lower that about 5 inches above the cuff. The shorts got fairly damp, but never totally wet. As I started feeling dry, I let a little more go and I would feel relief for a while and things were good. This went on for a couple hours, even after I was hiking by flashlight. Eventually, as I was heading back, my bladder was finally emptied and I dried out. I did one last wetting about 30 minutes from camp. I was still just a little damp, but mostly dry as I got in my sleeping bag. The next morning, I had to pee and I made the same journey again and peed all the way up and back. By this time, the legs were getting discolored from the pee that had dried out in the heat gear. After night 2, I was almost out of water so I hiked back. The entire trip, I never lowered my waistline. (I didn’t have to dump load the entire hike!) As I was hiking downhill, I met a hiker coming up. I am almost certain that he noticed the stains, even though I was standing sideways to block the view and try to get past. He was making conversation and I was trying to leave, but he was right in the middle of the trail asking about what the weather on top was like last night. I finally got past him, emptied myself of pee and then I changed clothes and hiked down. I bathed myself using the last of the water bottle so I wouldn’t smell so strong coming into town, I was staying at a young couple’s house after all. I found the pants, got dressed, wrapped the long underwear into a shopping bag and left. (I had to wash them two times to get them clean. The humidity must have crystalized the pee and bonded it too the spandex fabric. It was 3 washings before the smell left) Peeing in a desert is cool. You dry so fast, I wouldn’t be surprised if people have been doing it secretly for centuries, just because they can get away with it.

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