Peeing in a Bottle

This story did not happen to me nor was I there to witness it (unfortunately). My favorite teacher in freshman year told our class an amusing story. In past year, there was a male student was bugging her to use the bathroom. Since I wasn’t there, I can’t describe exactly what happened, but I can say how I imagined it. The boy sat there in his desk. He was of normal build, lean and of suitable look for a prankster. Not really handsome and a bit rat-faced but not repulsive. That would be too mean. I could see him there in a simple style. Dark haired, brown eyed, white I’m guessing. As for clothing, let’s say a t-shirt, jean shorts, and black flip-flops, pretty basic and ordinary. That works. It was the last period of the day, and the sun beat down on his back. To his side there was a computer, which was off limits do to recent security insidents. He now regrets having drank two Sprites at lunch, for now his bladder was full and bursting. The school had already set rules against letting the students leave, but the teacher, being as awesome as she is, bent them. However, this was not one of those times. Her attitude toward that boy was not cheery. His excessive talking soured her. “Can I go to the bathroom?” he asked, trying to hide his desperation. “No,” she said simply. His legs tightly rubbed against each other. He hands gripped his crouch. His mind begged to ignore it, but that was failing endeavor. He had to squeeze it inside. He body hunched and his knees hit the bottom of the desk; not alerting anyone. His sandals floated above the tile floor, twitching along with the toes. He could feel his teeth floating in his mouth. He was on the verge of crying. A warm squirt spread in the jean fabric. Suddenly, an idea came, he had an empty sprite bottle in his backpack. He snatched with haste and vigor, ripped off the top, feverishly undid his belt and zipper, and “Aaaaaahhhh!” The teacher heard tapping and assumed that someone was fiddling with the computer, so he went to investigate. When she arrived she found the boy holding a full bottle of – well you can guess. “You can’t have drinks in class,” she said. She went an picked up the bottle. The boy’s face grew petrified and so did the teachers. She knew right away upon touching it what was in the bottle. She was mortified. “Why is it warm?” she asked. “It was in the sun,” he said. In her words to my class, she said it had to be on the sun it was so warm. That was a hilarious story. I love that teacher. I hope you all like my rendition of it.

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