Peeing Girl

Ever since I was a young man I have been fascinated to watch a girl / woman pee. It started when I was playing with a girl neighbour in the garden. She was a couple of years older than me; she said she needed to go to the toilet. I begged her to pee in the garden behind the bushes and let me watch. Eventually she agreed so she lifted her dress and took off her panties, I was so excited to see her little naked slit. She gave me her panties to hold, so they didn’t get wet. I grasped them and got down in front of her, staring up between her spread legs. It took a little time as she was a little nervous, but soon a little spurt shot out. I was fascinated at this and then she really started, a lovely strong stream spurted out in front of me, it seemed to go on and on. I could also smell the hot aroma, so beautiful. Since then I am very excited to see a girl or woman peeing, it is such a great turn on for me now, I look for videos to watch and would love to video chat with a girl who would let me watch her pee.

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  1. I must say I’m the same way just love hearing seeing a women pee it’s so erotic. They always sound different when they pee and every girl/ women sounds different I guess depending on how the urine comes through a particular slit.

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