Peeing for a Mixed Drink

I’d recently placed an ad for peeing for guys into mixed drinks, and had a guy respond wanting me to pee for him and his friends. It was in the evening and they were hanging out, drinking, doing whatever and wanted a drink of me after seeing my post.

Always having a lot of water in me, I went to the guy’s place, stripped to nothing, and he gave me his half-full glass of vodka and said, “fill it up!”

So I obliged 🙂

Him and his friends watched, and then another guy put his drink under my penis while I filled his glass. And then another. They all started sipping their drinks while I stood there naked with my penis throbbing. They were all still clothed, but stroking hardons while feasting on my juice. I felt taken advantage of and vulnerable – which was PERFECT. The guy who invited me complimented my taste and wanted seconds. Of course, I had more to give. Finally his friend wanted me to top off his drink before I was empty.

I helped them get quite drunk! They had me back the next week and it looks like this will be ongoing – so much fun being used and devoured like that. Perhaps they’ll want more the next time.

You can taste my pee and cum for yourself at, and thanks for checking out my erotic moments 🙂

– Josh

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