Peeing and pooping in public

It was a sunny and bright day and my and boyfriend went shopping. We walked to the car and drove to the mall. When we got there, I had to go a bit, but I held it in. He asked where I wanted to shop first, and I chose my favorite store. Gamestop! I went to look at 3DS games when I really had to go. I thought I could just hold it, and I did. For now, at least. We payed for our things and went to shop for at least an hour. When we were in a movie store, I told my bf I had to pee so badly! He told me to either hold it or go right there. So I held it. We walked for a bit until we arrived at Barnes and Noble. I went to the anime section and while I was looking, I felt some pee come out. I told my bf I had to go really badly! He told me to go or wait for another hour. I let half out and I said I was done when I wasnt. Oh well. After we were done, I peed outside and I heard my stomach growl and I let out a small fart. That meant I had to poop too. I told my bf and told me I can go. So before getting inside of the car, I squatted down next to car and pushed until piles were made and my diaper was hanging way below my skirt. My bf smiled and told me I should’ve done that a long time ago. I just laughed it off and got in the car. When I sat down, all the poop was smashed against me, and I blushed and looked away. My bf told me I shouldn’t be embarrassed. So we drove back home, and I told him I had to poop even worse now. He asked why I wasn’t doing it and so, I raised my butt off the seat a bit, and I pushed , and massive logs came out into my diaper. I put my butt back on the seat and it smashed on my butt again. I stayed in that diaper for the rest of the day, pooping and peeing in it all day.

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  1. Sounds like a great day! I have not wore diapers out in public, but I have worn protective panties which were very wet when I got home…

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