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  1. In my experience the area you choose requires, a great deal of thought, especially if you are dropping your pants, this type of adventure ,takes time and you need to study so you want get caught or, bring too much attention to yourself ,if you want to be in public such as malls, high traffic areas on streets, driving in your car, it all requires study scouting of a spot.just sitting in an area having a cup of coffee,tea or a soda, can give you time to scout out an area .

  2. If you are planning on pissing and shitting your pants, you can do it wherever you want, to my knowledge there are no laws against this but are if you drop your pants to do it, I do both and don’t really care where I am and want people to see me but im a girl so less risk of getting in trouble for the nudity part. But as far as in pants, I do that in middle of the mall and walk around like that for long periods

  3. One of the safest, easiest ways to introduce yourself to wetting and messing in public is pumping gas at a gas station. If you drive that is. It’s great because it’s such a transient place. Lots of people around, but they’re not sticking around for too long, nor are they really paying attention to other people. You’re out doors so the smell won’t be an issue. And when you’re done you can easily speed away. My first time was while pumping gas and it was brilliant.

  4. I like doing both in my pants while riding my bicycle at night. Black jeans. You can stand on the pedals and drop a big one in your pants, and then sit in it and pee your pants.

  5. I happily endorse what Jez and Jeanscrapper say. I have pooped a couple of time filling up at ASDA. I have made it obvious I’m having an accident and I know I have been noticed but no one has ever bothered or really stared much. Doing it as you ride is wonderful as well. Happened one day riding home from school and after that I couldn’t get enough of it!

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