Pee Shy

Gender: Male(s)

Relationship: Yes (BxB)

Pov: Males

Requested: No

Backstory: Cai and His boyfriend Luke had gone away camping for a few days, only two, now they were on there way back, but that would unfortunately take them a few hours to get back home, and along the way of course they both get their urges and have to stop sometimes, but they hadn’t yet, but they were definitely starting to feel it, and this is the results.


Cai had to admit..

He was pee Shy.

He didn’t want to be, he had never wanted to be, but it was something he couldn’t help, no matter how many times he had tried in the past, he just couldn’t do it, not even infront of Luke, no matter how many times they had had sex and seen each other naked, he was fine with that, but when it came to peeing or pooping, he just couldn’t do it, which in the situation he was in right now, he wish it was the complete opposite.

Cai had been fine in his seat for now, he was clenching his legs slightly and would shift sometimes, but otherwise didn’t show signs of him needing to pee, they were driving along in the mostly clear traffic, Luke driving of course until then Luke let out a sudden groan “I’m sorry Cai but i’v been holding since we left and i can’t take it, you know how much water we drank before we left, i’m surprised you don’t have to go.” said Luke as he pulled off to the side of the road, quickly pulling over and shutting off the car, getting out and walking to the passenger side as Cai opened his door, opening his mouth to say something before Luke grabbed his hand “Come on, come with me, I don’t want to be alone.” as he shut the door and locked it before quickly walking into the woods that was right next to the road luckily, that was filled with trees and bushes, as Cai blushed deeply but followed anyway, his own Bladder and brain telling him to go too, but Cai just couldn’t as he got dragged in.

Luke was the more dominant one and bigger Male you could say of the relationship, would always protect Cai and of course dominate in sex as Luke smirked slightly to himself, he knew Cai had to pee, he did too but he could control it more, he knew he was Pee shy, he wasn’t himself but he knew Cai was, but today he wanted to help him get over his fear as he then came to a stop infront of a tree, he let go of Cai’s hand and looked around “watch out for me yeah? And i mean feel free to watch me too~” He smirked but then groaned softly again as Cai stood next to him, his Back facing the tree but kept glancing to Luke, though still looking around in case, Luke quickly unbuckled and unzipped himself, tugging down his underwear slightly and getting his cock out, which made Cai blush like always as he couldn’t help but now watch his cock, Luke aimed his cock at the tree and spread his legs slightly, almost moaning from just that, he leaned his head back and closed his eyes as he relaxed, and soon he then started to pee onto the leaves and tree, he moaned softly from the relief as he made a pleasured face which only made Cai more and just try not to harden himself as Luke’s stream then thickened and spilled out at a fast rate, as Luke leaned forward, pressing his hand against the tree to hold him up, his arm straight, hanging his head low and still letting out soft moans in relief, Cai now full on watching, his own cock now throbbing and even more desperate to pee, though he still kept quiet.

Luke soon finished and smiled, standing up straight and shaking his cock slightly before stuffing it back in his underwear, zipping and buckling his pants back up as he smirked slightly before turning to Cai with a normal face “Do you need to go at all?” asked Luke as Cai blushed but shook his head quickly, that was also a sign that he needed to pee, was eagerness for anything, too much eagerness as Luke shrugged “Fine, Just tell me when or if~” and he walked back to the car with Cai, Cai mentally groaning the whole time as they both then got in the car and drove off.

Cai had soon only ten minutes later, started to shift around more often, his legs now crossed, one ontop of the other as he looked out the window, the only thing his mind had been on was Luke when he pee’d, the sound of it, the Look of it, Luke’s face, his moans, and just his cock in general, Luke now definitely knowing that Cai had to pee as he smirked slightly to himself.

Cai had then about another ten-twenty minutes later now was biting his lip hard and whimpering softly sometimes, Luke smirked as he kept driving as he asked the younger boy (Only by like a year or two) “You okay baby~?” only for Cai to feverishly nod quickly and for him to respond back quickly “Y-Yup!” Luke smirked again as he only kept driving, wanting to keep Cai waiting at least a bit longer..

Cai soon was wriggling around so much and was clenching his legs together so hard, he felt extremely full and that he was about to burst as Luke watched him for a few minutes before he chuckled and started to pull over “Okay Cai, Come on, You’re not waiting any longer.” Making Cai blush lightly but he pretended to act confused anyway “W-Wait for what?” as Luke rolled his eyes “You need to pee, i know you have this whole time since i went, and i know you’re pee shy, now come on.” and Luke got out before Cai could protest, Cai huffed but got out anyway, then instantly tensing and clenching his legs, his hands instantly going to his crotch as he groaned softly, squeezing his cock through his pants, Luke almost audibly groaned just from the sigh of it as Cai soon straightened out after a moment, Luke grabbed his hand and dragged him into the woods for a second time that day “Come on baby, let’s help you go wee wee~” He smirked more as Cai blushed and looked away, Luke dragged him over to a tree and made him stand infront of it, Luke standing behind, he wanted to see if he could do it himself at first as Luke crossed his arms “Come on, Go Pee~” As Cai whimpered and looked away “I-I can’t…” he whimpered back to him, Luke waited a few more moments as Cai kept whimpering, Luke sighed and moved forward, pressing his front against Cai’s back “Then i’ll help~” Which made Cai blush and shiver as he looked away.

Luke then moved his hands down, still being behind him as he then unbuckled and unzipped Cai, Cai let out a slight sigh of relief but then blushed more as Luke pulled down his underwear slightly and got his cock out, Cai couldn’t help but moan softly and tried not to harden in Luke’s hand, Luke smirked “You gonna pee for me~?” Only for Cai to shake his head, blushing more, Luke sighed and nipped his ear softly “Then i’m gonna help okay~?” and Cai bit his lip before nodding slightly, he was gonna say no but Knew to just give in at this point, Luke then hummed and held him close “Lean back, relax baby~” and Cai leaned back into him, so Luke was supporting him, Luke then slowly started to rub his bladder, Cai gasped softly and wanted to stop him only for Luke to bite his shoulder “Nuh-uh-uh~ No resisting~” and Cai sighed and leaned back again, relaxing, Luke kept rubbing his bladder to cai’s content but Cai whimpered again “I-It’s not coming out…” as Luke then moved his thumb down and rubbed it over his tip as Cai gasped again and moaned softly “I-It’s coming-!” And Luke pushed one more time on Cai’s bladder as then a sudden small stream came out of him at first, before no later then two second it then turned into a thick and fast running stream as Cai instantly moaned, closing his eyes, His legs going slightly weak but Luke kept him up and standing as Cai leaned his head back, Luke aiming his stream over and into the tree and ground, Cai didn’t care at all right now if anyone saw them, all he cared about was Luke and him, about how he was finally able to pee infront of him, and the insane amount of pleasure he was feeling.

Cai’s stream after a few minutes of a thick stream finally started to slow down to a small trickle, Luke smiled slightly and shook Cai’s cock getting the rest of the pee out before he then tucked him back in his underwear, zipping and buckling his pants back up as he smiled and held Cai’s body close to his, kissing his cheek softly as he whispered to Cai “How was that~?” after Cai finally caught his breath he smiled and pecked his lips “Amazing~” and Luke smirked “Good, Because now you’ve given me a problem~” and Cai blushed and looked down, seeing quite a large bulge in the males pants as he let out a slight giggle like laugh “I can take care of that for you on the way home~” and they joined hands again and walked back to the car, them both leaving behind the mess, and now Luke and Cai both being happy about Cai finally getting over his fear, and had fun with it too, they would definitely be stopping at places more often to pee, and they weren’t talking about just toilets.

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