Pee on Me Baby

(I spent like half an hour trying to find a picture shut up XD)

(Just imagine except they’re in a car and they have shirts and jeans on)

(This is a short one i’m sorry)

Gender: Male and Female

Relationship: Yes

What type: BxG

Requested: No

Warnings: Swearing (Like one though)

Backstory: Jenny and David had gone hiking in the south for a few days and now were finally on their way home, it was a few hours drive as they were driving back home, Jenny had needed a pee for a while now and David had obviously been able to see it, as he had also then started to get his own urge, they were miles away from a pit stop so he kept driving, knowing they would both have to do something about their bladders soon, and this is the results.


David was the one driving, luckily, otherwise they probably would have had an accident by now by the way Jenny was wriggling around so much, David waited a bit longer before he smiled slightly and chuckled “You need to pee don’t you?” Said David. As Jenny nodded and groaned softly “Is there anywhere we can stop?…” Jenny said as David shook his head “No can do sweetheart, there’s not one for miles.” As Jenny bit her lip and jammed a hand to her crotch “I-I’m really desperate…” as David bit his lip and tried not to get hard, needing to Pee as well, they had both found out about their own Pee Fetish’s for a while now and would do things sometimes, he then remembered about how a there was a towel in the back and he smirked slightly, getting an idea of what they could do.

He waited a while longer as he then also started to clench his legs together, his urge getting greater as Jenny let out a whine “Please David there has to be somewhere~!” as To which David shook his head “Well if you wanna pee on the side of the road infront of everyone be my guest~” and he smirked as no answer was heard only for Jenny to huff and look away again “W-Well i’m gonna end up pissing myself soon then~” as she bit her lip, herself getting turned on slightly, her also had noticed Davids slight wriggling and clenching, and sometimes a few small grunts that would just drive her insane and almost make her lose it herself, though she still held on.

David was now to the point of groaning softly sometimes and gripping his crotch while Jenny was now constantly wriggling around as she whined ad looked to David “I-I can’t hold it much longer!! T-Think of something~!” As David then growled and started to pull over “That’s it, i can’t take it, in the back, Now~” He said in a low voice, his own urge being now very urgent where he also felt like he was going to explode as he got out of the car as Jenny got out and went into the back, climbing in and sitting, still wriggling and whining as David grabbed a towel from the back, he moved to the backseat and opened the door, laying the towel down on the seat before he sat on it himself and closed the door, he had moved the drivers seat forward so they had more room as he bit his lip and looked to Jenny “Come sit in my lap~” As Jenny looked up and blushed lightly, but slowly crawled over and sat on his lap, resting her hands on his shoulders and straddling him which she then gasped softly as she couldn’t help but let out a spurt, from her legs being spread open as she moaned “I-I can’t hold back much longer~” As David rested his hands on her hips “M-Me e-either~” David said. As he spread his legs and slid down slightly, making Jenny sit right on his crotch as he grunted “I-I have an idea…I-I thought since neither o-of us are obviously g-gonna make it to a t-toilet, why not make this fun~?” and he smirked at her as Jenny blushed lightly but smiled, pecking his lips “Great idea~” Jenny said as David then groaned again “O-Okay, so we’re both going to pee on each other, t-that’s why you’re in my lap, when i say let go, just go, relax, let go, Pee as much and as hard as you can, sound good~?” as Jenny quickly nodded, almost had lost it just right there as David nodded and gripped his crotch before slowly moving his hands back to her hips, making sure they were both comfortable, her still being straight sitting on his cock through his jeans so then he could feel her and she could feel him “Ready?…” As Jenny nodded as she slowly pulled her hands back from her crotch “3…2…1…Let go~” as then they both instantly and finally relaxed, David instantly falling limp against the seat as Jenny just relaxed ontop of his crotch, moving forward against his chest, resting her head in his neck as they both moaned in relief and pleasure as they both instantly started to pee, not holding back as they both let out thick streams, it instantly drenching their pants and they felt each other streams on each other, Jenny moaning softly sometimes as David grunted and pushing it out, all you could hear in the car was them and a loud pissing/hissing sound. David grunting as he leaned his head back, his eyes rolling into the back of his head, the pleasure overwhelming him as they were still both peeing, not as hard now but still going as Jenny then started to grind herself into him, making her moan herself but also made David grunt and close his eyes lightly “Fuck-~!” as they both then about a few minutes later, soon finished and panted softly as they just sat there, ontop of each other as David smiled slightly “Good plan?…” Which Made Jenny nod her head, her face still hidden in his neck “G-Good Plan…”

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