Pee enema

A pee enema is not just a plain jane way of cleaning and clearing out your ass ,it has it’s advantages ,I use my pee after it has aged for at least a week inside a large enema bulb,when I shoot it down my hole the acid is strong and very warm ,unlike water where you can hold it down pretty easily ,the acid in pee makes it one he’ll of a challenge to hold it down ,it’s beautifully hot inside and I guess it forms a gas that makes it tough to hold in the pee and your poop,I have only been able to hold it in a couple of times,other then that the doors to my asshole blow wide open with stinky pee and poop everywhere with orgasm ,but better yet, fill your ass with old pee and screw yourself with a good size dildo ,your insides are hot and the pressure is building up terribly to blow from anal orgasms ,such an incredible feeling,old pee is truly the way to do an enema uncontrollably blowing open your back door mmmmmmm!!!!!!

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