Pay Back Time

Once agin the school bully, the star quarterback Nick Johnson was up to no good. Last  week hime the the whole football team chased me and my friends outside and beat the crap out of us and today, he shoved me and my two friends into the some lockers, we had to yell for the janitor to let us out. That was the last straw for us ans so we’ve decided to get him back for all the bullyingbhe has done to us. 

After school there was going to be a big game and everyone in school was going to be there, so we knew that’s when we had to strike. So before the game we snuck into the locker and went through Nick’s duffel bag; we spiked his energy drink with a whole bottle of industrial strength laxatives that we made in science class along with some fibermax to increase the load that he will soon have. We also took his two pairs of boxers briefs so he would have to go commando for the rest of the day.
It was time for the game so we took our seats. As we predicted, Nick took a giant gulp of his energy drink; and this were off to a start. About 10 minutes into the game we saw Nick grab his stomach as though he had let out a huge fart
“Eeeeewwww” “God Damm Nick” we hear two of his teammates reply
We knew from the look on his face that it was happening. The fibermax had dome it’s job by making his shit huge and the pressure from it was so unbearable that Nick was jumping up and down and squeezing his ass cheeks together trying to hold it in but due to the laxatives that made it highly impossible to do. I counted down to when he would shit himself
3! thuurrppt!
2! Thuurrppt!
The crowd was in a crazy as the look at their star quarterback standing there in his shit fills pants. He ran to the locker room in hope to change clothes but I don’t think that would do him any good since we took all of Joan underwear. The laxatives are designed to work all day so he’ll be having one hell of a day going commando trying not  to shit his pants 

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  1. Wow i might try this on someone sexy who i would love to see load his pants 😉

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