Party tricks

Do you believe putting someone hand in water while they are asleep can make them wet their pants?

I have had it done to me but I was also drunk at the time so maybe that was the real reason, or aggravated the situation. Either way I not only woke up with wet pants my shirt was wet as well.

It happened during a party at a friend’s house and to make it even worse my friends very hot sister and friends were right there when I woke up. The moment I realised I had wet myself they began to make fun of me and made sure everyone at the party knew what I had done. For weeks after they reminded me every chance they got until my friends told me what they had done.

A wile after the party my friend told me his sister and her friends had intentionally got me drunk then began to play games with me, including the hand in water trick. Their reason for doing it, according to my friend was because I had never shown any interest in them, which really pis*** them off. A few months later during another party they confirmed it was true when they made it extremely obvious they didn’t like the way I constantly ignored them.

It’s amazing how scary a group of girls can be when they are drunk, angry and frustrated all at the same time.

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