Party Pooper

Sean looked at the clock in the office and saw that he still had three hours to work before he could go home.He was excited and looking forward to this evening
as he had been invited to a party by Amy who worked in the wages office down the passageway.She was a really sexy looking dark haired girl with enormous boobs that cause many a male mouth to open wide as she walked past them.She was quite a flirty girl so all the men were hopeful that one day they would fuck her,but for tonight Sean was more hopeful than the others as she had asked him to go with her to a party at the home of some old school friend of hers in the La Jolla area of San Diego where the homes were really nice.The plan was for him to ride in her car and leave his at work as she did not want turn up at her friend’s house in his old Ford Escort which had seen better days;much better to arrive in style in her fairly new Corvette to show how well she was doing since school.

Eventually after what seemed like days instead of hours it was five o clock and time to leave work.He waited at his desk and in a couple of minutes he saw Amy walking along the corridor swinging her so cute hips and her boobs swinging too and bouncing so enticingly,making several mouths drool at the sight.
Sean got up and gave her a light kiss on her cheek,making all the other guys so envious.She took his arm and they walked out to the parking lot and found her bright red corvette waiting for them.It felt strange for him sitting as a passenger in her car being driven out of the complex and leaving his car behind,but she said his car would be safe there and she would drop him back there later to collect it,though he was hoping so much that she would come back to his place first and stay a while so he could see those magnificent boobs out to play.

It was still a couple of hours early for the party and she did not want to arrive too early and appear too eager.Amy and Sean talked as she drove and it seemed like they were both really hungry,so knowing it would only be party nibbles and snacks at the party,perhaps they should have some dinner before they got to the party.As they headed in the direction of La Jolla they saw ahead a Taco Bell fast food place,so Amy pulled in there and parked,then they went inside and found a table,then ordered some beef and bean burritos and salad with some hot sauce on the burritos.As it was some time since their lunch they ate fast and enjoyed the hot spicy taste as they cleared their plates and washed it all down with iced tea.Still plenty of time yet,so they stayed and talked a while,Sean flirting a little and Amy seeming to accept it willingly so he was feeling hopeful for later.

Time seemed to fly past and soon they thought they should get moving and show up at the party in nice time.They went out to the Corvette and Amy asked if Sean would like to drive to the party which he was happy to agree to and climbed in behind the wheel and started up.He felt so good driving such a hot car for the first time,but took it easy as there was a lot of power in there and he did not want a ticket for speeding as the cops were always out there.He drove at a nice gentle rate south on I-5 exiting onto La Jolla Parkway and then turned off on Via Capri as Amy looked for the address and there it was just half a mile ahead.It was such a large house with a long driveway and parking for about a dozen cars.Sean parked alongside Bugattis,a couple of Ferraries and one Maserati as well as a few common Cadillacs,feeling quite humble in the sporty Chevy.Amy waited as he opened her door and helped her out,taking his arm as they walked together to the front door to be greeted by her old school friend who kissed her cheek like he knew her well at school.He showed them through and left them to get acquainted with everyone else.

Amy stayed with Sean and they only had one alcoholic drink each as they did not want to get arrested for drunk driving and the other drinks were non alcoholic but tasty.The finger food was very fancy and enticing,so they enjoyed lots of that as they circulated.There was a sound like distant thunder and it came from inside Sean as he strolled by the swimming pool out back with Amy and even worse it was answered by more thunder from Amy.It seemed that Taco Bell had struck them both and the tasty Mexican food was not agreeing with the nibbles that had joined it.They looked at each other and walked smartly in search of a bathroom,but were embarrassed to ask where one might be found,though the distant thunder was getting closer.Soon they did find a bathroom but there was a line of several ladies waiting and chatting noisily.Knowing how long it can take a female to use a bathroom they knew that would be too long,so they looked for another bathroom and found a line there too.They decided that they could be strong and just hold on another hour and then leave to find the nearest fast food place and use their rest rooms.

Sean kept checking his watch as time seemed to have stopped as the urges in his bowels got stronger and he guessed that Amy was feeling the same.He looked at her and saw that she was feeling as desperate as he was,so he asked if she wanted to leave yet and she quickly said they should go right now as she was so desperate and she knew there was a Burger King not too far away.They said their thanks and goodbye to their host and speed walked to where the Corvette was parked.Thank goodness there was a clear route for them to get out.Sean drove again and Amy directed.They got onto the street and stopped at a red light.Sean felt his thunder rumble again but this time it brought some moisture as he sneezed and a generous squirt of watery poop leaked out in his underpants,soaking through his pants onto the seat.He dared not tell Amy as he fought to hold the rest inside,but Amy soon found out anyway as the smell could not be held in check.She gasped as she caught the first waft of poop smell hit her nose and looked at him as if he had just raped her with a red hot poker.All he could do was pretend he was not there and keep driving,feeling so small he could fit inside a matchbox having just trashed her car seat.

Way up ahead he could see the Burger King but there was another red light so he had to stop.Now Amy was really struggling to hold everything in but she too failed and with a gasp of despair she lost the battle and felt her panties suddenly feeling damp and then wet and then soaked and dirty as her whole days eating was suddenly unloaded into her panties.She sat there at the red light and shit her pants big time.Soft poop went way up the back of her panties and she felt it at the back of her bra;it went forward too covering her pussy and spreading well over her belly,all in one second it seemed.She looked so disgusted at Sean pooping his pants and her seat and now she had done worse,so both seats would be so trashed now.Her look of disgust at Sean was replaced by a look of “Oh Shit”,me too.Sean could now smell her much pooped panties and decided there seemed no point now in trying to hold the rest of his poop in,so he just relaxed and felt a warm smelly feeling of naughty pleasure flow over his ass as more warm poop flowed out filling his pants.It was up behind him to his waistband and forward totally covering his balls and now fully erect cock which was now desperate to be played with by Amy or anyone.

They looked at each other with jaws sagging,both of them unable to speak for minutes as they took in what had just happened.Then Sean spoke and said how sorry he was that he had messed her driving seat but it looked like they were both in a mess in more ways than one.He suggested that they go back to his apartment and they could clean up and get their clothes washed in his washer so they could go to work next day.Amy agreed that it would work out best for them and they could worry about cleaning the seats later.They drove back to his place and since it was late they were not seem going up in the elevator to his apartment.When they went in his door he closed it and took Amy’s hand,leading her to his shower room.They tool off any outer garments that were not dirty and dropped them on the floor,then walked together into the shower room dressed in their dirty clothes,feeling the soft poop all over them.Sean said that Amy’s smell made him so horny and they kissed this time on the lips and hard as tongues explored each other’s mouths and faces.She was quite happy to let him remove her bra and his cock grew another few inches seeing her wonderful boobs fall out and bounce before his eyes as his hands grasped one each.

Not yet turning on the hot water they each took turns at removing the other’s clothes and dropping them in the corner,then letting their hands run over the body before them each touch making both feel more horny by the second.Sean gently laid Amy down on the floor of the shower room and then lay on top of her,rubbing soft warm poop all over her tits and letting her guide he rock hard cock into her starving hot pussy.they began to move together.thrusting his cock deep inside her as she gasped in delight and asked for more and more. Soon they were fucking hard and fast and he was trying to hold off coming until she had orgasmed.Now she shuddered as she shouted out YES and he felt her pussy grabbing tight on his cock as it spasmed in her orgasm.He kept thrusting into her and now he came and shot a massive load inside her pussy as she felt the warm cream filling her.Now they both stopped moving and just held each other tightly as his cock rested in its warm wet bed,feeling so happy.After a short rest they got up and turned on the hot spray and washed each other clean of the poop and when they were both clean Sean lifted Amy in his arms and carried her to his bed where he placed her and got in beside her to play with his fingers in her inviting pussy while she lay back enjoying every second if that.When he later felt his cock start to rise to the task again he fucked her hard once more,filling her pussy again with hot creamy cum which leaked out over her legs and lubricated their bodies as they clasped tightly all night.

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