Party girl shit herself

Me and my friend Chris attended a party a couple years back. It was 2 or 3 years out of high school and it was your standard dingy apartment party with 20 or so people in attendance.

So we’re standing around hanging out when 2 girls we went to highschool with approached us. There names were Ashley and Courtney. Ashley was Hispanic girl with curly dark brown hair and a bubble butt. Courtney was a white girl with freckles and light red hair, perky boobs and a big juicy booty. The two of them also had somewhat of a reputation for being a little….well they tended to sleep around quite a bit.

Immediately they become friendly with us touching and giving us signals of sorts. We continue to talk and joke for awhile until the party eventually dies down. Chris invites the girls back to our place and they promptly accept the offer.

So we get back to Chris’s place and settle in the living room to watch a movie. By this point Chris and Ashley simply can’t keep their tongues out of each others throats so they soon retire to Chris room.

Meanwhile Courtney and I stay in the living room. Courtney was incredibly drunk by this point and ended up curling up on the couch with her bright pink gstring protruding from her white jean shorts. Realizing I wasn’t about to get lucky I sat back and simply continued watching the movie.

The sounds of Ashley moaning loudly from the other room soon fill the air. I try my best to ignore them, but soon my ears pick up another sound. A massive wet gurgling fart erupts from Courtney’s plump ass which overpowers the sound of the tv. It was so loud that I almost thought it was fake. Immediately I burst out laughing as I realize it was from Courtney.

I look at her to see a small brown stain on her white jean shorts, but the show wasn’t over yet. I stare in amazement as Courtney’s white shorts slowly fill with a giant mushy load of poop. The brown stain grew from quarter sized to about the size of a softball while also forming a big lump. It smelled absolutely horrible. She finished off her load with another wet fart and a final crackle of poop mushing into her shorts. Suddenly Courtney lifts her head momentarily and lets out a small giggle before lowering her head back down to the pillow.

I stared in amazement, simultaneously horrified and aroused. I than hear a trickling sound as Courtney’s shorts turn to a yellow and brown mess. The pee leaked from her soiled shorts and all over the couch and carpet. It was the sexiest thing I had ever seen and instantly I wished I could shit myself as well to join in the fun.

I did kindve feel bad for her though as I knew she would be quite embarrassed. I covered her with a towel to try to contain the mess but I knew it was no use.

I debated on walking to tell Chris but didn’t want to clock block him. Eventually he and Ashley came back out though. I told them both what happened and Chris promptly flipped out. He managed to wake Courtney up and Ashley led her to the bathroom. I passed out not long after and when I woke up they were both gone.

I have since jerked off and messed myself countless times while thinking about that night. The mental image of Courtney’s shit stained white shorts and pink gstring just makes me load my pants every time. Even as I write this I am squishing around in a soiled poopy diaper that is filled with piss. Ahhhh just busted a fat load too. I just wish I had a picture from that night, or better yet a video.

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  1. Nice story.Pity you could not have pooped too and enjoyed the lovely feeling of warm soft poop all over your ass.Now you should leave off the diaper and just dress in ordinary clothes,which will wash clean again,and allow yourself to enjoy a lovely poop accident.Choose tight fitting underpants and maybe take a laxative to be sure it is soft and goes all over your ass.Once you have spread it over your cock and balls if you masturbate in your pooped pants you should enjoy the most amazing orgasm

  2. Very hot story! Did you talk with her after that? What was her reaction for this situation?
    How big was the stain on her butt? Did it stain totally through her shorts and came out from her legholes?

  3. David: thank you! It was an awesome experience.

    Debbie: I loooooove doing that, it really is the best orgasm ever! Never tried laxatives but I’ll definitely give it a shot.

    Hrm: I talked with her awhile later about it and yes she was super embarrassed about it. The stain was massive though especially after she pissed herself and kindve softened up the poop.Probably a bulge about the size of a big orange or so. It didn’t really leak out her shorts though because they were so tight.

  4. Yeah, I can imagine her embarassment.
    I Wonder how she was able to clean herself without spare clothes and return home. That must be a tough mission.

  5. debbiedoespoo is right, shitting in regular clothing is so much better than diapers, me and gf always shit in normal clothes or naked in bed or on furniture

  6. Hot, naughty and lovely smelling stuff ! I would love having seen Courtney’s big, juicy booty clad in her poop-filled skintight white jeans shorts !

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