Part two of “My cussen came to town

So where were we last, 

Oh yeah, 
We were pissing on eachother, like good old times when we were ten years old, my cussen and I were soaked from our golden shower, My cussen started let some great big farts out, he squated down and pulled his underwear down enough for his hole to be exposed. he let a few more farts out, and started to push harder, and slowly the prised shit started to slide out, of his brown hole, I started to get boned at the sight of what he was pushing, He also started to get stiff, I sat down and spraled out, while he was still working on his load, I could still see him working to get it out, and I see his nice large throbing cock hiting the top of his undies, my cussen glasned over at me and laughed, he had seen I was quite boned up, and my tighty whites were soaked with pre-cum, 
I had fished up his shit, and pulled his whites back on, leaving a big broun stain in them , 
we went back in to my house, and we had some lunch, and we had finshed packing up some stuff. 
We hoped in my truck and we started to drive, 
About an hour in I started to feel like I was going to have to take a rest stop and take a shit, I keeped thinking to my self another two hours to go. 
After a half hour we came up to a old gas station, a little indian run one, with a little portapotty out back, I made a dash towards it, while my cussen went in to get some snacks, I went to the door and found that it was ocupided by another travler, I knew I could hold it a bit longer, and I waited out by the door, and then my cussen snuk up behind me scaring me half to death. he asked if the portapoty was occupied, and I responded it was, 
He asked me why I wont go behind and squat. I told him, well I dont feel like it, and then i herd the guy starting to finsihes up in there,
and he came out, I said thanks to the gentalman, and I seen he went back to his car, 
I opend the door to the outhouse, and seen it was much larger on the inside, and ways I went in and then my cussen wanted to see down the hole,  I told him he can come in, as I moved slightly to open the door for him, he jumped in and the portapotty felt a bit more cramped, I lifted my self up so my cussen could see down the hole, he told me he was surprised it was quite empty and there was only a bunch of piss and three terds, and a little bit of paper, 
I laughed, I told him I knew ever week the truck comes and emptys it out around the same time, and I told him it was about an hour ago, my cussen asked me how I know, 
I told him I come to the gas station alot and I know things like this, 
any ways, I started to work on geting my load out, when my cussen unziped his pants, and he turned to the small sized urinal and started to piss in it,  he was leting a dark yellow stream go, I started to fart a bit more, My cussen finshed up, and told me he’d wait in here, I was fine with it, and I started to feel my shit go, my cussen was watching,  finaly it came out all of the way, and made a big squish noise, stood up and looked back at what had came out, I though to my self thats rather big, but I knew I ate alot the past few nights, 
any ways I whiped and we went back on driving, 
about a hour and a half later we got to the camp site, it seemed very empty, I parked my truck over by a hill, and the river running though so we can go hiking and swimming, 
I started to unload all of out stuff, while my cussen started to pitch the tent that I”ve had for the longest age, After I finshed unloading what stuff we had, I want looking around for a good spot to take a dump, I found the said spot and dug a bigenough hole for my self and dug one across it for my cussen so he could shit there aswell, 
by the time we were both done it was supper time, We cooked some good old smokies, and ate the whole pack, by the time we were finshed it was about 7 or 8ish and my cussen wanted to go for a swimm, 
so we started to treck to the river, and there was a nice sand part before the warter, 
we striped down to our underware, and my cussen jumped right in, 
I jumped in aswell, we splashed around for a bit and floated around on the river, it dark and I ran back and put some more firewood on our fire to keep it going, and I came back and my cussen was just relaxing, before I came back in the river I desided to take my tighty whites that had a nice brown patch on them,
I went back in the warter, and went over to were my cussen was he was standing, and I went next to him and asked what he was doing, He told me he was waiting for me to come back, 
I asked him why
He told me, He needed to shit, 
I said, oh like the time when were were younger and we shit together in the river behind your house, 
He replied yep, we should do that again, 
 I told him I dont need to shit as of yet, 
He said, well I think I can hold it for a few more hours, 
I told him yeah, thats good with me, I should be good by then, we got back up the the shore and we both sat down and leaned back ,on to the beach, the warter was to our legs, we looked up to the starts for a while,
My cussen started to rub his ball sack, I started to rub his cock for him, he repayed the favor and rubed mine, we jerked eachother off for about two and a half hours, He would rub me to climemax and then I would do the same back, till we both had cam
I started to feel like I had to finaly take a shit, I knew my cussen could hold it for much longer, But I let him know I was going to shit in the near future, we went back to the fire to put some more wood on it as it was about to die out, we sat infront of it for a bit till I started to fart more and more, 
My cussen asked if I had to shit, I told him yeah I am about to shit my self in what i think is your underware,he laughed, 
I was at the point I was going to move an inch and it would all go out, 
my cussen then said lets make a game out of this like we did as kids, 
I laughed and though that sounds kind of fun,
He wanted to set the rules and I let him the rules were, 
1.who ever farts has to take a swig of beer, 
2. who ever started to piss there underware has to piss in the empty can and redrink it, 
3. who ever shits them selfes, has to clean the others underware and there own 
4. Both has to wear jeans and tighty whites
I though that sounded fair, 
so it began who could hold there shit in longer then the other,  I grabed my jeans and so did my cussen, I had farted a bit while trying to get my jeans on so I took a few swigs of my beer, so did my cussen, we chated about old times and some of the other contests we had had previesouly, 
He reminded be about the time when we first were at legal age to drink) we both headde to a bar, and we drank and went  back to my apartment piss drunk, and we noticed we both had pissed our selves, we had a good chuckle about that, 
My cussen reminded me about the time when I was at his place for half a year, and durring the winter we both had a bad flu, and how my 
cussens dad brought in two buckets in to our shaired room at the time, and how we had almost filled them both half way in one day, 
or the other time when I was in the outhouse, once and my cussen had desided to tip it over while I was about to shit, and I felt all of the shit go aganst me, 
any ways it was about two in the morning after we had finshed our drunkish ramblings, and my cussen started to fart more and more, and he had like 3 full beers after his fart fest
after I noticed I started to have to take a massive piss, I went to the back of my truck and grabed my driving piss jug, witch was a 2 letter pop bottle, I keep, 
I shoved my dick in there and started to let it rip, I filed it up about half way, and then chuged it all down, whit my dick hanging out, my cussen aploded me at my efforts, 
He told me that he could not hold it much longer while he was walking over to me, I laughed and told him the same, 
but we had a bit more time before one of us would shit first.
I told him about the time when I was at his house and we were about 14 and we were taking a bath together, my uncle has never had a indoor toliet working and has just put a nice looking fancey plastic tolit seat over a bucket that looked very white, 
any ways me and my cussen were bathing togeter and jerking off, when he felt like he had to take a massive shit, 
my cussen jumped out of the tub, and I poped my head over to the other side where the bucket was closed off, my cussen turned the bucket around and held his ass high enough for me to see the steamy load of shit come out,my cussen herd me wacking it slowly, and geting faster and faster as it started to come out, right as my cussen had finshed his steamy shit, I had the best orgasum ever at the time, 
my cussen laughed and remided me that he had seen me shit about a half hour later, and he he came over and cumed all over my shit and his shit aswell, 
by the time we finshed 
that storry, my shit was poking out, 
my cussen told me he was not going to lose, I told him the same thing, 
He pissed and drank his piss with the botle I used 
He started to fart less and less and I knew he could explode at any miniut 
I went over and sat next to him, he put his had around my back and felt my ass, to see if I had gone yet, and he feelt it poking out 
and I went and grabed his ass and felt the same thing, we were geting quite despreat, at this point, 
he sujusted to see if we both jerk off if we would lose it, 
well we jerked off long and hard, and we both keeped it in, 
but it was geting late in to the morning, and we were both geting tired, 
but I started to feel more and more craps, 
and finaly I started to feel like my ass was leting go, I let my cussen know, and he said he was still holding up, 
I keeped holding on, and finaly my cussen lost his stright face, and he started to look at me, 
I asked him what was wrong, he told me he was about to lose it, 
I called the piss rule, off,  he agreded, we had both pissed our selfves 
and finaly the last minuit, my cussen had let go and I herd him say” fuck i lost the game” I started to smile at him and told him he would have to clean my shorts aswell, 
I waited a few more minits, and my cussen sat down in his loaded shorts, I asked him if I could take a peak, he got back up and he pulled down his pants and tighty whites, his underware was fully loaded, 
my cussen said oshit, I think i need to shit again, I laughed and said go in your undies again, le laughed and pulled them back up, 
I finaly stoped holding it back and let it rip, and finaly my shit had totaled my underware, ipulled them down to inspect, my load wasw much smaller then my cussens, my cussen had loaded for a third time by the time I was done, 
we had a nother beer in out shit loaded underware and we went to the lake and cleaned up our asses, 
nothing to exiciting happend in hte next three nights besides we had pissed our selves a few more times, and that we had shit behind my truck for the rest of the camping experince
later when were were going back my cussen and I both had to shit badly we had pulled over at a forest rest stop and we had both went in, and seen that there was only a plastic long drop, so we both droped and went on the flore, and then whiped up quickly and drove off 
we got back to my place, and me and my cussen had a long jerkoff session and he left a few hours later and a final shit on my yard, 

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