Part Three

While Kevin was in the bathroom pulling up his jeans, having a pee and a bit of a wash Sue went into the bedroom, her heart was pounding and her fanny eager.She wrggled herself free from a the tight leather jeans she was wearing and threw them onto the bed. Sue hadn’t been for at least four days and although she felt pretty full in no way needed to go to the toilet. She decided to use a suppository, maybe it would work in time maybe not, she absolutely loved sex when her bum was ,ripe, so to speak.
Kevin was now in the bedroom with her, wearing just his short black leather jacket over a Tee shirt, Sue was wearing panties and a bra. Sue extended her arms and drew Kevin close, she fondled the cheeks of his bottom, running a finger along the crack, she would have dearly liked to have sniffed that finger but thought better of it. The leather jacket was not new and had lost the lovely smell it once would have had but nevertheless it smelled good. The
smells it had were of camp fires, out door cooking, tobacco
and of Kevin himself.

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