Paris Sightings

What is it about Paris that makes you want to pee your pants.  I live in the UK, and am always on the lookout for sightings of guys wetting their pants, or maybe with a tell tale bulge in the back, or the glimpse of a nappy showing above the waistband, and for all these years, I have never had a sighting, yet on the few occasions that I have visited Paris, I have had three separate sightings.

First, let me tell you about the two sightings from last week.  It was a hot day, and le Jardin des Tuileries near the Louvre museum was packed, and my husband and I were just sitting, enjoying the weather and watching the world go round. After a while, a young boy of about 7 or 8 ran by happily playing in the sun, but what was noticeable was the huge wet patch all around his crotch, and down to the bottom of his faded denim shorts.  It was clear that he had totally wet himself a few minutes ago, and whilst I am in no way into young boys, it did remind me of my own childhood times when I was having too much of a good time playing games that I often wet my pants.

The second sighting was the very next day when we were hopping on and off the Batobus up and down the Seine, and whilst in the queue to board at St Germain, we were asked to show our tickets, and it was then that I noticed the guy behind, who was an American guy, probably in his 30s and with his family lift his t-shirt enough to clearly display the top of his diaper, which I found amazing.  Now, I can understand that being in Paris and on the go all day, it can sometimes be difficult to find a toilet when you need one, and maybe he was wearing just for convenience, or maybe it was for a medical reason, I really have no idea.  Anyway, for the duration of the trip on the boat, I tried discreetly to tell if he had wet or messed, or even if any of the other family were wearing a diaper, but it was impossible to tell.  Eventually he got off at a different station to us, and I never saw him again.  Maybe, he wears as a fetish, and is a member of this site, who knows.

My final sighting happened about 5 years ago, and was late in the evening, and my partner and I were returning on the train after a day at Disneyland Paris,  The train pulled into a station (not sure which one, though it doesn’t really matter), and when I looked out of the window across the platform, I noticed a hot young guy, maybe around 20 years old, really short shaved hair, and tight bleached jeans.  He was leaning back against a wall, and was smoking a cigarette, and just at the time I was looking at him, his jeans darkened instantly around his crotch and went streaming down his legs.  It was clearly a deliberate act as he made no attempt to hide or prevent his actions.  Sadly, my train started to pull out of the station, but not before I got one final glimpse of this hot guy in his soaked bleached jeans……..such a hot horny memory.

I can’t wait to book my next trip to Paris to see what wet adventures await.

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  1. Love the threads. I also look out for blokes wearing a diaper or plastic pants, so far unsuccessfully- though I have seen a few bums that look as though they may be in a diaper due to the shape, know what I mean?. On a more positive note however, I know that loads of people have seen my dipey or plastic pants showing above the waistband of my jeans or shorts. I love to catch a train to some town about 30 miles away where I am unlikely to be known whilst wearing a Tena and short top(or jacket depending on the weather) and find a suitable seat, pub, park, wherever and sit with my legs slightly apart, knowing that my dipey or plastic pants are showing at the rear. I am certain people , other than children of course, can see what I am exposing and wonder what they are thinking. I am usually a bit "tanked up" and it is great to let out little spurts of wee and feel so naughty. I also like to sit in a park or similar opposite a main path whilst wearing wide crotch shorts, again with my legs suitably apart, and little white briefs beneath a pair of "Euroflex" waterproofs. They are practically see through so I know that because I take vitamin B12 my wee will stain my tighty whities even though I am slugging copious amounts of ale/cider. My aim is to lose a stone or so enabling me to wear Goodnights or Pampers size 7. Even if I go out wearing my thick black jeans and tighty whities I always do a little wee at my computer here so that I am alredy wet before I leave the house. Later today, Sunday, I intend to go somewhere to drown my sorrows over the England /Italy result. I am planning to wear a Tena slip, medium, my low-rise black jeans, short t-shirt and equally short jacket. At first glance nobody would know that I am wearing a dipey butwhen I get off my train in maybe Leamington or Stratford On Avon I will find one of my favourite perches and make sure a couple of inches of my Tena is showing at the rear, drink a few tins and do little wee's knowing full well that adults can see my dipey. Such a turn on, I am getting aroused now just typing this and have just wet my underpants a little, good job my chair has a towel and black bin liner on it!. Please believe me, all of the above is true and not just a figment of my imagination. Happy wetting and showing- spotting eh?. Regards, Bedwetter 123. (PS, I also love wearing and showing white "Aertex" underpants, not brilliant at holding wee but still a turn on for me knowing that people can see them, especially as I know the front of them is a nice yellow colour and they smell lovely , just like my spare bed in my "wet room" where my friends sleep with me and we wet each other).

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