panty pooping in shower

i just got done pooping my pants in the shower and it was amazing, i would recommend to everyone here to try it, it’s an easy cleanup because you’re in the shower, after you’re done, you could just bleach the underwear or panties, whatever you decide to use (i’ve used both) and then dry them and you’re good to go again.  whoever who hasn’t done it here totally should and tell me how it was.  That’s all for now

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  1. I do this all the time , im friedns with a boy who i like and i always pinch his thermal bottoms , underwear , swimwear and poop in them in the shower, i especially liked his little army underwear that was way too small for him and me , it packed them full and i squished it all around in them , INSTANT BONER!

  2. Il m’arrive de temps en temps de me lacher sous la douche. J’adore faire caca dans la salle d’eau mais, de préférence, j’aime faire des cacas assez mous, c’est beaucoup plus facile à nettoyer mais j’adore avant tout la merde molle qui inonde le shorty et sentir le caca se répandre le long des fesses …
    Quand je fais des cacas durs, c’est beaucoup plus visible grace à la belle bosse que çà procure dans le shorty … mais tellement moins pratique à laver !!!

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